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Our Range of Energy & Recovery Food For Sale

Eating energy and recovery foods are a great way to fuel yourself with long-lasting and filling energy that is usually more substantial than an energy gel or sports drink. Energy packed food such as energy bars and energy chews hit that hunger spot while offering plenty of energy and tasting great.

While muscle recovery foods are high in protein and carbohydrates to help repair your muscles following exercise. These foods will help your recovery and ensure you can get better with every single bike ride. At 99 Bikes we stock some of the best energy bars, such as Clif bars, Clif bloks, Blue Dinosaur bars and Torq chews.

Energy & Protein Bars

Perfect for consumption on-the-go energy bars and protein bars are great in helping you perform at your best and fuel your post ride muscles with the energy it needs. These bars typically contain larger amounts of Sugars, Carbs, Protein, and more than hydration powders and tablets. They are great as they are usually found to be compact and light making them great for taking along on a ride as they can fit snug into a jersey pocket, and can be eaten easily whilst mid ride. There are many different types of energy bars that all provide various amounts of nutrition and ingredients to fit all cyclist, be sure to see the whole range before making any decisions.


Fruits, partially dried fruits are a great way for the healthy more natural you who is looking for a natural boost without all the added extras. Fruit is great for providing various nutrition with a wide variety of tastes, it can be easily stored in a jersey pocket also! It normally has less fats and can be found to be lighter on the stomach than other energy and recovery food, making it great during rides.

Recovery Sachets

Recovery sachets also known as recovery powder or energy gel, are great for being consumed on the go and having rapidly fast affects. These sachets come in various forms with all types of nutrients, that contain vital carbohydrates, protein, vitamins and minerals. Recovery sachets are great in helping keep your body performing at it's best with everything you need to help recovery after prolonged endurance exercises and events.

The Best Energy & Recovery Food At The Prices

Shop a huge range of energy and recovery food and other nutrition from the best brands likes, Clif, Blue Dinosaur, SIS, Torq, Gu, Pure Sports Nutrition, and more. Shop online and in store at 99 Bikes in Perth, Canberra, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Gold Coast, and Adelaide.

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