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Our Range of Cycling Hydration Packs

Shop our great range of Cycling Hydration Packs from quality brands such as Camelbak, Osprey, and more. Staying hydrated is critical when spending long days in the saddle, hold more water with a Hydration Backpack. A Dual Bidon set up won't hold enough H20 if you're riding for more than a couple of hours so get kitted up with a hydration pack available online and in-store at 99 Bikes.

Why Hydration Packs

Hydration Packs are handy for certain cycling activities which typically include long distance riding, rigours riding, and cyclist’s needing to drink hands-free. Hydration Packs are preferred over Water Bottles for Cycling events such as Downhill Mountain Biking. These packs are great for Cyclist needing more than a few bottles of water so that you can stay hydrated while you're riding. Modern hydration packs allow you to drink on the go without even slowing down as they have magnetic tubes that go back in place one you're finished drinking.

Hydration packs come in two standard choices, you can get your stand alone hydration pack with a reservoir and very little storage for cargo. Perfect for going fast and carrying water while minimising weight. These hydration packs will typically have a 2-3 litre reservoir and room for not much else. The other option is a backpack that isn’t your standard cycling backpack. We stock a range of backpacks that have in-built reservoir or the ability to add a hydration system so that you handy backpack can become your very own hydration pack. As sometimes you need to carry cargo and a hydration pack, so it makes sense to combine both into one. You can even get a waistbelt with a hydration pack if the backpack isn't for you, this allows you to store water in a different spot and places a different load on your body..

We stock some of Australia's favourite brands such as Camelbak, USWE and Thule. Everything from hydration packs to bladders, reservoir cleaning kits and drinking tubes.

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