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Our Range Of Bike Brake Bleeding Kits For Sale

Brake bleeding removes air bubbles from the brake fluid used in hydraulic disc brakes. You can also use the same process to remove old brake fluid and replace it with new brake fluid

Why should I bleed my brakes?

It is important to understand why you should bleed your brakes when you're thinking about how do you bleed bike brakes. Firstly you need to understand the hydraulic braking systems are designed to work at their best with incompressible fluid. As the forces are sent from your brake levers to the brake pads via brake fluid, which happens when the fluid doesn’t have air in it. Air in your brake fluid limits the effectiveness of the brakes as the forces aren’t transferred with the same force. You’ll know you have air in your hydraulic braking system if your brake levers feel loose and don’t feel as firm or responsive. If you have to pull the lever all the way in before the brakes engage then this may also be a sign. Air usually gets into brakes because of damage or leaks somewhere along the cables or joints, and can even be an issue on a brand new bike if the factory didn’t do a good job. A brake bleeding kit allows you to carry out this process and usually contains bleed adapters, instructions and syringes. If you’re not confident, our certified mechanics can give you some advice or carry out the service for you. At 99 Bikes we stock the best brake bleeding kits from the biggest brands in Australia and the world, such as SRAM, Shimano and RockShox. So shop in-store today or online at 99 Bikes.

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