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Our Range of Electric Scooters For Sale

We stock a wide range of the best quality electric scooter brands available in the Australian market. Electric scooters otherwise known as e-Scooters are modelled off of typical kids scooters and adult scooters with more of a focus on being built similar to electric bikes. e-Scooters are more durable in order to house an electric battery, which in turn helps to assist riders in moving with ease through allowing them to ride more comfortably for longer distances and at faster speeds.

Electric Scooters For Adults

Most Electric scooters are designed for adults rather than kids, meaning they are great for those who have a daily commute and are looking for a nifty way to have a bit of fun and travel urban area’s beaches on the weekend. The electric-assisted scooters help to improve mobility by allowing riders to go faster and further than ever before while taking a more eco-friendly travel option which may reduce congestion on commutes.

Electric Scooters In Australia

Electric scooters are currently only legal for public use in Queensland and ACT. Please refer to the Queensland Transport website here , and the Access Canberra website here for more details. Electric scooters are sold for use in private property only in all states except Queensland and ACT. The regulations around the use e-Scooters on public roads and footpaths for all other states differ from state to state, please confirm your local laws before purchasing for more information visit; NSW Transport, VIC Roads, SA Transport, WA Transport, TAS Transport and NT Transport.

Our Range of Electric Scooters At Australia's Best Prices

99 Bikes has a wide range of quality electric scooters from the best brands, including Razor, BLVD, and many more. Available to buy online and at select stores in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Canberra, with delivery available to Queensland and ACT residents only.

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