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Our Range of Brakes & Parts

Bike Brakes are a crucial and essential part of the safe operation of any and all Bikes. Having brakes that aren’t working can cause injury and harm to yourself and others. Brakes come in various shapes, sizes, and styles each with their own benefits, whilst keeping them maintained and in proper working.

V Brakes

V-Brakes are one of the best rim braking brakes available on the market. These brakes are fantastic at braking with great power and the ability to perform in some of the dirtier environments making them great for Mountain Bikes and Hybrid Bikes. You'll find V-Brakes are easy to set-up and install and are flexible with the ability to tweak the Brake Cables for different braking power needs. The pads are replaceable too with most models allowing for a bolt or pin to be removed and sliding the pads off.

U Brakes

U-Brakes are one of the oldest performing brakes and is commonly known to be the replacer of the Roller-Cam Brake. These brakes are similar to Centre-pull Caliper Brake the difference being that U-Brakes two arm pivots attach directly to the frame where as the Centre-pull attaches to a integral bridge that mounts to the frame with a bolt. If you're in Freestyle BMX you'll want to grab a set of U-Brakes as the pads are interchangeable, and the minimal cable system and smooth parts allow for the you to ride without interfering and damaging the brake due to protruding parts.

Cantilever Brakes

Cantilever Brakes are very similar to V-Brakes although they use a straddle cable between the brakes which moves vertically to apply the brakes. If you're a Cyclocross cyclist you'll love these as the performance is close to that of V-Brakes but don't collect and become clogged with mud. You'll be easily able to clean these with most having cartridge style Brake Pads, although want to leave the set up to our Workshop unless you're experience as Cantilever Brakes are difficult to set up.

Caliper Brakes

Caliper Brakes common in various styles with, Centre-pull Caliper Brakes, Side-pull Caliper Brakes, and more recently Direct-mount Caliper Brakes all having a number of benefits. If you're into Road Bikes then usually surely have seen and would want Caliper Brakes if you want power and weight is a factor. Caliper Brakes are also classified as Road Brakes and great as they have a large price range meeting all your need whether you're looking for competition ready brakes or just an inexpensive replacement pair. They are known for stopping quickly and being reliable, they are a rim braking system with pads typically being replaceable.

Disc Brakes

Disc Brakes are an old style of brake commonly used as Mountain Bike Brakes, but are becoming more and more popular as they can be found on almost all styles of bikes like Kids Bikes, Road Bikes, Mountain Bikes, and more! They are the most reliable and powerful brakes regardless the conditions due to the Disc Rotors as it uses a smaller surface allow water to have a lessen affect on braking. You'll also find that there are two main types of Disc Brakes, one being mechanical using a typically Brake Caliper and the other using Hydraulics which allow for more powerful braking with the use of pistons (sometimes a Caliper) powered by Hydraulic Fluids.

The Best Brakes & Parts At The Best Price

Bike Brakes & Parts from some of the world's leading brands, including Shimano, SRAM, and more. With options to suit all bike types, ensuring your bike remains in the best condition possible. Shop online and in store at 99 Bikes.

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