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Multi Tools

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  1. 99 Bikes 10-in-1 Multi Tool
    99 Bikes 10-in-1 Multi Tool
    $19.99 $18.00 $16.20
  2. BBB MaxiFold 18 Multi Tool
    BBB MaxiFold 18 Multi Tool
    $44.99 $37.00 $33.30
  3. Topeak Mini 9 Tool | 99 Bikes
    Topeak Mini 9 Tool
    $34.95 $32.00 $28.80
  4. Topeak X Tool Silver
    Topeak X Tool Silver
    $29.95 $26.00 $23.40
  5. Mini Tool Lezyne Rap II 6
    Lezyne Rap II 6 Mini Tool
    $29.99 $27.00 $24.30
  6. Mini Tool Lezyne SV Pro 7
    Lezyne SV Pro 7 Mini Tool
    $42.99 $39.00 $35.10
  7. BBB Allen Key Hexset | 99 Bikes
    BBB Allen Key Set
    $24.99 $24.00 $21.60
  8. Mini Tool Lezyne SV Pro 13
    Lezyne SV Pro 13 Mini Tool
    $74.99 $69.00 $62.10
  9. Topeak Mini 9 Pro Silver
    Topeak Mini 9 Pro Silver
    $39.95 $36.00 $32.40
  10. Lezyne T-Drive Multi Tool
    Lezyne T-Drive Multi Tool
    $64.99 $59.00 $53.10

27 Items

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Our Range Of Cycling Multi Tools For Sale

Multi tools are the do it all item that you need in your cycling kit so that you can handle any situation you might find when you’re out on a ride. Bike multi tools can have and almost endless number of tools depending on how much you want to lay and how big you want your multitool to be. Every cyclist will need to make adjustments as vibrations will loosen even the tightest and best designed components, and you can often use your allen key which will come in your multitool.

Basic multi-tools will include mostly hex wrenches, yet they are lightweight, small and simple. While other multi-tools will have everything you could possibly need, from tyre levers to chain tools and everything in between. Of course if you have that many tools it is going to be a lot heavier than your basic version. While other multi-tools are that big and heavy they are meant for home use, but the good news is that they usually can do just about anything you need to, to your bike and can be an affordable option for the versatility they tend to offer. At 99 Bikes we stock the best multi-tools from the biggest brands in Australia and the world, such as Park Tool, Lezyne, Topeak, Birzman and our own reliable 99 Bikes multi-tool. So shop in-store today or online at 99 Bikes.

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