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Our Range of Cycling Shoe Covers

99 Bikes carries a great selection of cycling shoe covers from leading brands such as VeloToze & Bellwether at Australia’s best prices.

Cycling shoe covers, or overshoes as they are otherwise known, can be used for two main purposes. For time trial cyclist they can be useful for creating the ultimate aerodynamic profile, whereas most other cyclists will wear shoe covers in winter to protect their feet from the cold and wet conditions. The best cycling shoes covers for cold weather will keep out the wind and water to ensure that your foot is as dry and warm as possible.

Cycling shoe covers range in designs and vary from simple over toe covers, to full coverage of the shoe and ankle for the ultimate protection. Pro cycling shoe covers are built to perform at a high level by reducing drag, offering some of the benefits of normal shoe covers. Our range of cycling shoe covers are available to buy online or instore from your local 99 Bikes.

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