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Aftershokz Bone Conduction Headphones

Aftershokz are leading the bone conduction headphone revolution and are fast becoming the sports headphones of choice for cyclists all over the world. The main attraction of Aftershokz for cyclists is the bone conduction technology, which transmits sound through your cheekbones and into your middle ear. This allows riders to listen to music and take phone calls without completely blocking out ambient noise such as traffic, or other riders. Another benefit of Aftershokz is their long, six hour battery life per charge, allowing you to remain contactable throughout your entire ride.

The Aftershokz open ear wireless bone conduction headphones range includes the Trekz Air, Trekz Titanium and Aeropex models, each with their own features and design qualities which are massing rave reviews. If you’d like to buy your own paid of Aftershokz wireless headphones in Australia, 99 Bikes carries the full range all covered by our price beat guarantee. Shop online or in your local 99 Bikes store today.

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