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Camelbak Water Bottles & Accessories

Hydration is key when you’re out riding your bike and here at 99 Bikes we’ve got you covered with a huge range of Camelbak Water Bottles, Hydration Pack and Backpacks. Our range of Camelbak Water Bottles come in a variety of capacities and feature Camelbak’s 100% BPA-Free TruTaste™ and HydroGuard™ technology which lets you taste your water, not your bottle. With self sealing valves and double wall construction, Camelbak Water Bottles will keep your H20 chilled and easily accessible so you can maintain your hydration levels at all times. Camelbak Australia makes quality products that are built to stand the test of time and get the job done every day.

Camelbak Bottles

Camelbak bottles are renowned for their reliability and durability, ready to ensure that you’re hydrated while you’re hiking, riding, running or everything in between. Their bottles come in all shapes and sizes, from the 400ml Eddy Kids Bottle to the 1.5 litre chute mage. Camelbak have bottles that keep your drink cold, hot or even ones built for the dirt on the trails. The Camelbak Podium is the pinnacle of the range, with models that are insulated, lightweight or built with dust that you get a clean drink every time. The Camelbak bottles are a great option when you don’t want to carry a heavy hydration pack and you need a smaller amount of water. This could be on shorts runs, rides or hikes when it makes sense just to use your water bottle. Once you have finished using your water bottle you can clean them in the dishwasher as they are dishwasher safe. Camelbak water bottles are built to last, everything from the bite valve to the bottle is tough and reliable.

Camelbak Hydration Backpacks

Camelbak’s Hydration Packs were born in the late 1980’s when avid bike rider Michael Edison filled a medical IV bag with water, placed it inside a sock and attached a mouthpiece to his jersey with a clothes peg. Camelbak Backpacks and Hydration Packs have come a long way since then and their hands free hydration products are now used by thousands of athletes all over the world. Hydration packs use what are otherwise known bladders to store the water and allows you to drink comfortably without using your hands, so that you drink while you’re moving and save time. They still come with plenty of storage for your goods if you get a large option, giving you the benefits of a backpack and hydration pack. Camelbak also make incredibly reliable and practical backpacks, often with the ability to add a hydration pack later if you need. 99 Bikes has the best prices on Camelbak Water Bottles, Hydration Packs and accessories in Australia and if you find a cheaper price from a local competitor, we’ll beat it by $1.

How do you clean a Camelbak reservoir?

A common question with Camelbak bottles and hydration packs is how do you clean a Camelbak? Or how do you clean a Camelbak mouthpiece? It is actually quite a simple process and it is best to clean your Camelbak after every use so that grit and grime doesn’t build up. Just use soap and water, this is particularly important for people who use anything other than water. One handy tip is to keep your reservoir in the freezer to stop mould or bacteria growing. If you’re Camelbak is especially dirty, try using hot water and baking powder and allow the mix to run through through the tube. Alternatively, Camelbak actually sell specific cleaning tabs. How to clean Camelbak solved. And if you want to know how to clean your Camelbak bottle or clean your Camelbak Eddy, well you guessed it, the same process applies.

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