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  1. Shimano Shoe RP1 (Black)
    Shimano RP1 Shoes Black
    $129.99 $99.00 $89.10
  2. Shimano RC100 Shoes Black
    Shimano RC100 Shoes Black
    $134.99 $124.00 $111.60
  3. Shimano ME1 MTB Shoes Black
    Shimano ME1 MTB Shoes Black
    $129.99 $99.00 $89.10
  4. Shimano RC300 Shoes Black
    Shimano RC300 Shoes Black
    $169.99 $159.00 $143.10
  5. Shimano XC100 Shoes Black
    Shimano XC100 Shoes Black
    $134.99 $124.00 $111.60
  6. Shimano MT3 SPD Shoes Black
    Shimano MT3 SPD Shoes Black
    $149.99 $129.00 $116.10
  7. Shoes Shimano XC300 Black
    Shimano XC300 Shoes Black
    $169.99 $159.00 $143.10
  8. Shoes Shimano ME502 Black
    Shimano ME502 Shoes Black
    $229.99 $219.00 $197.10
  9. Shoes Shimano IC100 Black
    Shimano IC100 Spin Shoes Black
    $129.99 $119.00 $107.10
  10. Shimano IC500 Womens Shoes Black
    Shimano IC500 Womens Shoes Black
    $179.99 $169.00 $152.10
  11. Shimano XC300 Women's MTB Shoes
    Shimano XC300 Women's MTB Shoes
    $170.50 $159.00 $143.00
  12. Shoes Shimano ME702 Black
    Shimano ME702 Shoes Black
    $249.99 $239.00 $215.10
  13. Shimano SD501 SPD Sandals Black
    Shimano SD501 SPD Sandals Black
    $159.99 $139.00 $125.10
  14. Shoes Shimano XC501 SPD Black
    Shimano XC501 SPD Shoes Black
    $239.99 $229.00 $206.10
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Our Range of Shimano MTB & Road Cycling Shoes

99 Bikes carries a great selection of Shimano cycling shoes at Australia's best prices. If you're serious about your riding, whether on the road or the trails, Shimano cycling shoes have been proven over time to be some of the lightest, most durable and best value for money cycling shoes available.

Shimano Road Shoes

Shimano are the cycling shoes of choice for many of the top pro teams and have been worn to victory in some of the world's most iconic races including the Tour de France, Paris-Roubaix, Giro d'Italia and many more. Shimano’s road shoes are equipped with the latest technologies to ensure maximum power transfer and comfort, with varying levels of ‘stiffness’ to cater for all levels of rider. If you want to take your road cycling to the next level, a pair of Shimano road shoes are a high performing, stylish and affordable choice.

Shimano MTB Shoes

Shimano mountain bike shoes are incredibly popular amongst downhill, cross country and cyclocross riders with models and price points to suit all mountain biking enthusiasts. Shimano’s mountain bike shoes are engineered to stand up to the harshest conditions whilst keeping the rider’s feet dry and comfortable over muddy terrain. Reinforced soles are a feature across all models in the range, transferring maximum power through the pedals and providing the ultimate in durability.

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