Wearing a helmet reduces your chances of a brain injury if you come off your bike for any reason. All our helmets meet the Australian Standards which means they all provide great protection but if you are looking for even more protection any models that also contain the MIPS safety system have an extra layer of protection to reduce the impact of rotational forces.


Staying hydrated, even when you are out on short rides is always important. We recommend keeping at least one water bottle with you during rides regard of how short they may be. Bottle cages are universal, as long as you have the two mount bolts on the frame any cage will fit. Most water bottles fit all the cages, the water bottle should be tight in the cage so it doesn't vibrate out during your ride. Hydration packs are also a popular alternative to water bottles amongst mountain bike riders.


Lights are essential to keeping you safe on a ride and ensuring you meet legal requirements at night or in low-light conditions. When choosing a bike light it is important to select the correct light. Some lights are designed to allow you to be seen by others while others enable you to better see upcoming conditions. At 99 Bikes we have a wide range of battery operated or USB chargable lights that will allow you to take on any situation. 

Pumps & CO2 Inflators

Staying pumped when riding is key to keep those wheels rolling. 99 Bikes carries a huge range of the best floor pumps, hand pumps, CO2 pumps and shock pumps at Australia's best prices. 


Protect your favourite asset with a high quality Bike Lock. There are many variations of bicycle locks out there in different styles for different situations. At 99 Bikes we stock a wide range of high security locks from leading brands which will help keep your bike safe.

Bike Maintenance & Other Essentials

Keep your bike safe and at peak performance with the right bike maintenance equiptment and other essentials. Maintaining your bike with the right lubricants, tools and other essentials is key to make sure you are ready for any ride. Never leave home without your saddle, spares and any tools you need for a quick fix.