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Shimano RC500 Womens Shoes Navy

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The Shimano RC500 Road Cycling Shoes are lightweight shoes which are designed to perform at a high-level and help you get the most out of yourself. Shimano designed the RC500 shoes with synthetic leather for a stronger and more durable fit that is still incredibly lightweight and comfortable. While the carbon fiber composite sole/mid sole is stiff and offers excellent power transfer so that you get the most out of every stroke. The wider cleat adjustment expands range for mounting cleats with a cleat adjustment range of 22mm which allows you to find the cleat position to suit your riding style. The Shimano RC500 Road Cycling Shoes are mid-range cycling shoes that perform like a top level road shoe, built for maximum power transfer and comfort so that you can ride at your best.


Shimano Dynalast: The toe-spring section of a cycling shoe plays a key role in supporting efficient pedaling. Too high, and it causes increased tension in the plantar, calf, and hamstring muscles. Too low, and you get a bowlegged, inefficient pedaling form. Extensive research by SHIMANO's R&D experts has produced a superior shoe last design with an optimized toe-spring section that promotes a smoother, more energy-efficient upstroke. Built based on feedback from pro riders, SHIMANO Dynalast helps reduce energy loss on long rides, letting you keep more in the tank for that final sprint to the line.

SPD-SL: A combined fore and aft cleat-adjustment range of 22 mm (11 mm from the outsole and 11 mm from the cleat) offers each rider the opportunity to find their best cleat position.


  • Size Standard:36-44
  • Cleat type SPD-SL
  • Stiffness index 8
  • Best match pedal PD-R7000
  • Wider cleat adjustment range
  • Seamless midsole
  • One-piece surround upper design
  • Closure: 1 Boa (L6), 1-strap
  • Upper Material: Mesh+TPU
  • Outsole Material: TPU
  • Midsole Material: Carbon fiber reinforced Nylon
  • Standard insole: Adaptable cup insole
  • Weight: (Size: 40) 238 g
More Information
Click & Collect Yes
Delivery Available Yes
Sizing SKUs Shoes - 36: ESHRC500WCN01W36, Shoes - 37: ESHRC500WCN01W37, Shoes - 38: ESHRC500WCN01W38, Shoes - 39: ESHRC500WCN01W39, Shoes - 40: ESHRC500WCN01W40, Shoes - 41: ESHRC500WCN01W41, Shoes - 42: ESHRC500WCN01W42, Shoes - 43: ESHRC500WCN01W43
SPD-SL Compatible Yes
Look Compatible Yes
Speedplay Compatible Yes
Lacing System Rotary Dial

Shimano Mens Shoe Sizing Chart

EU US UK Foot Length
EU 33 US 1.8  - 205mm
EU 34 US 2.3  - 212mm
EU 35 US 3.2  - 218mm
EU 36 US 3.7 UK 2.7 225mm
EU 36.5 US 4.2 UK 3.2 230mm
EU 37 US 4.5 UK 3.5 232mm
EU 37.5 US 4.8 UK 3.8 238mm
EU 38 US 5.2 UK 4.2 242mm
EU 38.5 US 5.5 UK 4.5 245mm
EU 39 US 5.8 UK 4.8 248mm
EU 39.5 US 6.2 UK 5.2 252mm
EU 40 US 6.7 UK 5.7 255mm
EU 40.5 US 7.2 UK 6.2 255mm
EU 41 US 7.6 UK 6.6 258mm
EU 41.5 US 8 UK 7 262mm
EU 42 US 8.3 UK 7.3 265mm
EU 42.5 US 8.7 UK 7.7 268mm
EU 43 US 8.9 UK 7.9 272mm
EU 43.5 US 9.3 UK 8.3 275mm
EU 44 US 9.7 UK 8.7 278mm
EU 44.5 US 10.2 UK 9.2 282mm
EU 45 US 10.5 UK 9.5 285mm
EU 45.5 US 10.9 UK 9.9 288mm
EU 46 US 11.2 UK 10.2 292mm
EU 46.5 US 11.5 UK 10.5 295mm
EU 47 US 11.8 UK 10.8 298mm
EU 47.5 US 12 UK 11 302mm
EU 48 US 12.3 UK 11.3 305mm
EU 49 US 13.2 UK 12.2 312mm
EU 50 US 14.2 UK 13.2 318mm
EU 51 US 15.2 UK 14.2 325mm
EU 52 US 16.2 UK 15.2 331mm

Shimano Womens Shoe Sizing Chart

EU US UK Foot length
EU 33 US 2.5  - 205mm
EU 34 US 3.3  - 212mm
EU 35 US 4.1  - 217mm
EU 36 US 4.8  - 224mm
EU 36.5 US 5.2 UK 3.2 228mm
EU 37 US 5.5 UK 3.5 231mm
EU 37.5 US 6 UK 4 235mm
EU 38 US 6.5 UK 4.5 238mm
EU 38.5 US 6.8 UK 4.8 242mm
EU 39 US 7.3 UK 5.3 245mm
EU 39.5 US 7.5 UK 5.5 248mm
EU 40 US 7.8 UK 5.8 252mm
EU 40.5 US 8.2 UK 6.2 255mm
EU 41 US 8.5 UK 6.5 258mm
EU 41.5 US 9 UK 7 262mm
EU 42 US 9.5 UK 7.5 265mm
EU 42.5 US 10 UK 8 268mm
EU 43 US 10.5 UK 8.5 272mm
EU 43.5 US 10.8 UK 8.8 275mm
EU 44 US 11.2 UK 9.2 278mm

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