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  1. Velectrix Foldaway Grey 2020
    Velectrix Foldaway Grey 2020
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  2. VelectriX Foldaway E-Bike Red
    VelectriX Foldaway E-Bike Red
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Our Range Of Folding Electric Bikes For Sale

Folding electric bikes as known as fold up electric bikes or e-Folding bikes and unlike most electric bikes they are known for the lightweight, low profile frame design while having these characteristics does not mean they have to come with compromises. 99 Bikes offer electric folding bikes that are packed with powerful battery, which are capable of delivering impressive range and pedal assistance. Our folding electric bikes are equipped with quality components as well as classic yet practical style. Powerful battery assists you climbing hills and provides an easier and enjoyable riding experience.

99 Bikes feature folding electric bikes range from the best manufacturers in the world such as Shimano, Bosch & Bafang. Most models allow you to select the pedal assistance level, which gives the rider the option on the output level depending on the terrain and the battery status.

Fold Up Electric Bikes

A number factors influence electric bikes’ battery life such as the voltage of the battery, street incline, the weight of the rider, terrain type, wind etc. In general, folding electric bikes tend to have shorter range than electric mountain bikes and commuter bikes for example but most riders can expect to get 40km out of a single charge when riding at 20km/h. With Australian legalisation requiring that power output is no more than 250w with pedal assist and 200w without pedal assist with all motors having a speed limit of 25km/h.

Australia's Best Folding Electric Bikes At The Best Prices

99 Bikes offer a wide range of folding electric bikes from quality brands such as Velectrix, XDS, and more. Visit your nearest local e-Bike expert 99 Bikes store in Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Sunshine Coast, and Gold Coast today for a free 30 minute test ride or 24 hour demo.