Electric bikes or e-bikes are bicycles powered by a long life battery that runs an electric motor. The motor acts to assist pedalling, making the act of riding simpler, easy and faster. You can control the amount of assistance the motor provides, which either increase or decrease the energy required by the battery or the rider.


e-bike technology can be found across many different styles of bikes, but generally the use cases can be separated in commuting and mountain biking. In either setting the general benefit is the same - use the electric motor to help you get further on your bike. For commuters this means longer distances that may have previously been unattainable can be achieved with no sweat (literally).

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Some riders will even progressively reduce the amount of assistance they require as they become fitter over time, a great way to build up your fitness level. For mountain bikers, it means access to more of the fun downhill sections they you may not be able to access on your own. Faster, further, steeper terrain becomes accessible to riders of any fitness level. Imagine getting twice as many runs out of morning on the trails.

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VelectriX mountain e-bikes are a revolution for the bike industry with their sleek aluminium frame, chargeable long-life lithium battery and easy-to-read LCD screen, with helpful support including current battery life display and customisable speed and assistance. With a VelectriX bike, you’ll be able to ride anywhere on and off road—created with Aussie conditions in mind, they ensure a safe ride—reducing the force of impact when encountering tricky terrain.

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Commute to Work

With an e-bike, you get 36v of Lithium-Ion power that assists with your peddling. It's not like a motor bike or scooter that does the work for you, it simply gives you that extra push so you can arrive at work fresh and fast.

Foldable Design

With a comfortable range of up to 40kms, a quick charge time and easy "2 fold" mechanism, this folding e-bike is great for the weekend traveler, camper-van/caravan owner, uni student, city commuter, or for someone that is short of storage space.

Hardtail Mountain Bike

VelectriX Ascent 27.5E has 650b specific componentry and geometry and then pushes the boundaries by adding a powerful Bafang 250watt rear hub motor together with a 11.5ah Panasonic battery. Now pedaling uphill is half the fun.

Ask anyone what they think of an E-bike and you'd probably get a dirty look from road bike riders and laughter from mountain bike riders. The newest generation of e-bikes coming to market do away with the stigma of previous generations, the frames are more streamlined and lighter, battery packs last longer and provide more convenience. E-bikes are designed to assist your peddling, not replace you so you can get going quicker and arrive less sweaty and tired