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Our Range Of Downhill Mountain Bikes For Sale

Downhill mountain bikes are built stronger and heavier than other typical mountain bikes making them the ideal MTB for rapidly descending steep, rough terrain, downhill courses generally feature jumps, drop-offs, rocks and other obstacles. Downhill mountain bikes feature front and rear suspension with over 20cm of travel.

Specifically designed for downhill racing, downhill mtb are unlike most bikes as they are made for descending a course in the shortest time frame, so majority of focus is put into this, rather than uphill pedalling. Downhill bikes need to stand up to the challenge of travelling the shortest line possible at the highest speed. Often, a chairlift is used to get back to point A, so downhill bikes are big, mean, and built to last the trip down, not to quickly ride back up.

About Downhill Mountain Biking

Downhill mountain biking as the name suggests is a genre of mountain biking which involves cyclists and riders riding on rough, but steep terrain in which common obstacles such as rock gardens, drops, jumps, urban structures, and more can be found. Downhill mountain biking is more of a race format although many do rider downhill mountain bike trails recreationally, a downhill mountain bike race will feature either a single or double attempt to achieve the fastest possible time to the finish line. Downhill mountain bike riders must remain between tape lines that break into two trails that can be either allow for a shorter trail or faster trail. If riders break through the taped off course they may need to stop and return to the point of exit to begin again unless they do not gain a time advantage from leaving the trail.

The Best Downhill Mountain Bikes At Australia's Best Prices

99 Bikes carry a wide range of downhill mountain bikes from some of the world's best mountain bike brands, including Norco, Merida, and GT at Australia's best cheapest prices. With design cues taken directly from motocross, 99 Bikes' downhill range features bikes directly from the UCI World Cup circuit.

Benefiting from the same research, design and technology developed to be ridden by the world's best downhill riders. These brands utilise exclusive technology, from highly advanced suspension; carbon frames; 26" and 27.5 (650B) wheel platforms and more; to build the toughest bikes on the trail. Couple this with high quality components from market leading brands like SRAM, Avid, RockShox, Fox, Shimano, and more. Strap up your full face helmet and get ready to go down.

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