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Our Range of Fat Bikes For Sale

Fat bikes are popular among outdoor adventurists who want to take their riding beyond the beaten track. Fat bike are mostly normal mountain bikes featuring suspension, commonly on the front much like an hardtail mountain bike.

Thanks to their huge tyres, Fat bikes are able to venture further and farther than even the most extreme mountain bikes. The ability to glide across surfaces such as soft sand makes fat bikes a popular choice for riding along the beach and their light weight frames contribute to their excellent handling in the soft stuff.

Fat bikes come in a variety of options including versions resembling dual suspension mountain bikes and other standard mountain bikes.

About Fat Bikes

Fat bike wheels come in standard sizes just wider and fatter with 26 inch wheels fat bike wheels, 17.5 inch fat bike wheels (650b), and 29 inch fat bike wheels. The extra tough tyres on fat bikes allow riders to run very low tyre pressures which results in a wider ‘foot-print’ that spreads the weight of the bike and the rider across a larger surface area. This provides more grip across sand, snow and mud preventing riders from becoming ‘bogged’.

The Best Fat Bikes At Australia's Best Prices

99 Bikes has a great range of fat bikes for sale from leading brands such as Norco, GT, and more at Australia's cheapest prices back by our Price Beat Guarantee. Shop online and in store at any one of our locations in Sydney, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Perth, Sunshine Coast, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Canberra.

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