Our Range of Scooters For Sale 

We stock an awesome range of kids and adult scooters from all the best brands. No matter whether you’re looking to cut your morning commute time or shred your local skate park, you’ll find the perfect scooter online at 99 Bikes. Most kick scooters are made from durable aluminium which reduces overall weight and allows for a greater level of maneuverability when navigating the concrete jungle. Lightweight skate wheels provide a smoother rider and help the rider to maintain a higher level of speed and steering accuracy.

MGP Scooters

Whilst they are slightly more expensive, pro scooters, such as MGP Scooters, feature higher spec wheels, grips & bearings that improve durability for riders who want to show off their skills performing jumps and tricks.

Kids Scooters 

Perhaps the most important aspect to consider when purchasing a kids scooter though is the colour scheme and design! Our range of scooters for sale come in a huge range of colours which ensures you’ll be able to find the perfect scooter for your young shredder’s taste and they’ll want to ride it for years to come.

Our range of scooters are available to buy online or at any of our Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast stores.