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Our Range of BMC Teammachine Bikes

The BMC Teammachine road bike is a cutting-edge bike that is a perfect example of innovative Swiss engineering. The Teammachine is built for all day rides, comfortable in a Grand Tour or your local ride thanks to the wide range of models available. You’ll get race tuned balance, stiffness and compliance in a road bike that has stood the test of time and keeps getting better with every new model. The Teammachine comes in both alloy frame and carbon frame options and both models come in rime and disc brake variations. While the carbon frame model comes in an 01 and 02 model, made with different grades of carbon. The versatility of the Teammachine road bike means that it will be just as comfortable sitting in the peloton on the flat as it will be when you’re out of the saddle punishing yourself on a climb.

About The Teammachine Platform

The BMC Teammachine Road Bike comes in two distinct models, the Teammachine ALR with an aluminium frame and Teammachine SLR that is built with a carbon frame. The carbon frames set the standard for road bikes with their incredibly light yet stiff construct which are designed with asymmetric tubes and BMC’S proprietary ACE technology which involves rigorous testing to produce carbon frames of the highest standards. The carbon frames come in two variants, the Teammachine 01 and Teammachine 02, as the 01 uses a higher grade of carbon which is a little bit lighter but has a similar level of stiffness. While the aluminium frame deliver great value as BMC have taken their learnings from their high ends bikes to create a frame with a refined aluminium core for optimal performance all-day long. These frames form the platform to deliver optimal vertical compliance and lateral stiffness, key features of the Teammachine which really make this bike standout as it is comfortable and efficient all-day long.

BMC’s Tuned Compliance Concept means that you get a bike that is forgiving yet fast, after all comfort allows you to maximise your ability in the saddle with optimised power transfer and improved rolling speed. Both aluminium and carbon frames come with hydraulic disc brakes and rim brakes options to suit your budget and preferences. Rim brakes are lighter and cheaper, while hydraulic disc brakes are slightly heavier and cost a little bit more, but they do deliver unrivalled braking control, excelling in wet conditions or on rough surfaces. All models come with a D-Shaped seatpost to further enhance compliance and minimise weight, a great example of the attention to detail from BMC. The Teammachine gets better the longer you ride, but still dominates any climb and slices down any descent swiftly.

While BMC are known for their premium bikes and high-quality design, there is a model to choose from for every rider and budget, from Shimano Tiagra groupsets to the modern Shimano Dura Ace Di2 and SRAM Red eTAP groupsets with electronic shifting for the ultimate riding experience. The Teammachine was the bike of choice for Tour de France Champion and Australian legend Cadel Evans and is capable of achieving greatness, just as BMC intended. You too can get almost the same bikes as BMC Racing Team Bikes from your local 99 Bikes. The BMC Teammachine is one of the best road bikes for sale.

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The Teammachine deliver professional team level performance in a bike which is available to the masses yet still performs like a world class piece of Swiss engineering. BMC also produce other quality Road Bikes, Mountain Bikes, E-Bikes, and more.

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