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  1. BMC 22 Teammachine SLR FIVE Neon Red
    BMC Teammachine SLR Five Neon Red (2022)
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Our Range Of BMC Bikes For Sale

BMC road bikes are world renowned for their incredibly high-quality design and build on every single bike, while their innovation and technology is pressing the limits of what is capable on two wheels. BMC have all of your needs covered, whether you’re after an aerodynamic machine like the Timemachine or an all day endurance beast such as the BMC Teammachine or BMC Roadmachine.

BMC’s endurance bikes bring seriously light yet reliable frames which glide up the steepest climbs with a dose of vertical compliance and lateral stiffness. The great thing about BMC road bikes are the range of options, typically coming in 3 different carbon models from the SLR 01 to the SLR 03, each model is equipped with different components and frame design/construct. Most road bikes will also come in a more affordable ALR aluminium frame model which are great value as you get the BMC concept, reliability and spec, just with a slightly heavier frame.

BMC takes it to a whole new level with their aerodynamic road bikes which are ready for triathlon and time trial dominance. The frames are designed using BMC’s SubA Concept, who place an emphasis on aero tube shaping, versatile position-specific components and cable integration. These bikes are fast and are a great example of what makes BMC bikes so great, they do all of the basics so well, yet their innovation and technology is what gives their bikes the extra edge over their competitors.

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