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  1. Basil Mara XL Bag 35L
    Basil Mara XL Bag 35L Black
    $79.95 $75.00 $67.50
  2. Basil Crate Large 50L
    Basil Crate Large 50L
    $79.95 $75.00 $67.50
  3. Basil Crate Medium 33L
    Basil Crate Medium 33L
    $69.95 $65.00 $58.50
  4. Basil Front Carrier Rack
    Basil Front Carrier Rack
    $119.95 $115.00 $103.50
  5. Basil Crate Small 25L
    Basil Crate Small 25L
    $59.95 $55.00 $49.50
  6. Basil MIK Universal Rear Pannier Rack
    Basil MIK Universal Rear Rack
    $149.95 $145.00 $130.50
  7. Basil Urban Shopper Bag XL 20L
    Basil Shopper XL Bag 20L Black
    $119.95 $115.00 $103.50
  8. Basil Tivoli Kids Basket
    Basil Tivoli Kids Basket
    $29.95 $25.00 $22.50
  9. Basil Green Life Rattan Basket
    Basil Green Life Rattan Basket
    $119.95 $115.00 $103.50
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Basil is a leading Dutch brand in bicycle bags and baskets. The business started in the 1970's in Holland and now distributes throughout the world.

Basil is known for developing high quality, practical and trendy solutions to carrying your items on the bicycle. Basil also has many unique features such as the innovative mounting systems and trend-setting Mirte handbag.

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