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Our Range of Deuter Backpacks & Deuter Bags For Sale

Deuter has been at the forefront of innovation and design since they were founded in Germany back in 1898. These German engineered products are built to excel in the outdoors, allowing you to carry all of your valuables when you’re riding your bike, climbing, running, hiking or walking. From lightweight backpacks and hydration packs to backpacks built specifically for each outdoor activity. Deuter backpacks and cycling bags might be German made, but they are great for Australia’s rugged and often brutal conditions.

Their daypacks are lightweight and range from 3 litres to 80 litres for hiking or backpacking your way around the globe. They design their packs to be comfortable and functional in the real world, ergonomically structured for comfort so that you can use these backpacks all day long if you need to. Deuter backpacks are built channel the air and circulate the air around your body so that you can breathe and your bag doesn’t get too sweaty. While chest straps and hip belts offer a much more comfortable fit as it evenly distributes the load across your body so that there isn’t too much strain on your back. Deuter technology and innovation is what sets them apart so we break down some of their key features:


Deuter Aircomfort offers maximum ventilation with smaller backpacks as the permanently elastic steel spring forms a barrier that allows ventilation between you and the bag.

The Deuter Aircontact is the easiest way to carry large loads as it brings the bag closer to your body for a better distribution of weight so that you have full control.

The Deuter Airstripes system gives you ventilation and a firm fit as the low backrest circulates fresh air between the Airstipe pads and the wide Airmesh cover, while keeping the bag close to your body for optimal loading.

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