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Our Range Of Aero Helmets For Sale

Aero helmets are a genre of road bike helmets that are designed to be more aerodynamic than your typical helmet. Aero bike helmets offer a balance between triathlon helmets, time-trial helmets, and road bike helmets. They offer sleeker and smoother designs meaning they're fast than road helmets but still have more ventilation than a triathlon bike helmet.

Many aero helmets feature different designs that provide different benefits and needs. Long tails are often found in triathlon and TT helmets with designs aimed to guide airflow and control it over back. Short tails or stubby/stubbies allow for more freedom than long tails as it doesn't require the need for the tail to meet your back. Other aero helmets offer designs that are smooth or feature trips or dimples that control the airflow in different ways, each with their own benefits.

Aero Helmets

Aero bike helmets are ideal for riders' looking to have the benefits of added aerodynamics but not the loss of ventilation, making them great for training and hotter days. This middle ground aero helmets offer between road helmets and triathlon helmets allow for riders to choose the balance they need or want between weight, speed, and ventilation.

Aero Helmets vs Triathlon & TT Helmets

Triathlon helmets and TT helmets or time-trial helmets are both aerodynamic helmets, however, there are a few differences between these helmets and aero road helmets. One major deference triathlon and TT helmets have are that they typically feature a tail design which reduces air drag by allowing it to flow more naturally along with the helmet, meaning less ventilation to improve surface continuity.

Whereas aero helmets often feature no tail and to allow for both improved airflow and more ventilation at the back of the helmet compared to that of a road bike helmet.

The Best Aero Helmets At Australia's Best Prices

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