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The Norco Scene VLT electric hybrid bike is one of the most relaxed and practical bikes going around. The Scene VLT is built for everyday life, with every little aspect thought of so that your commute or joy ride with friends is smooth, comfortable, efficient and most all, fun! Electric bikes might be the future of bikes but they're here now, and the technology has come so far. The Norco Scene VLT is a perfect example of how to effectively integrate e-bike components while creating a bike that is comfortable, agile and exciting. The Norco Scene VLT truly is one of the best electric bikes for sale. This electric push bike is ready to take your bike riding to the next level.

About The Scene VLT Platform

The Norco Scene electric bike fits your lifestyle so that everything is easier for you, the bike rider. Tough climbs will melt away as the Shimano STePS electric assist motor powers you where you need to go, combining seamlessly with the Shimano 500 watt battery. The battery is easy to remove so that you can just take it with you when you finish your ride and recharge it away from the bike. The battery fits easily on the double butted alloy frame and you’ll still have plenty of room thanks to the step-through frame which means you don’t have to swing your leg over to ride, perfect for commuting in jeans or long pants.

To make this bike even better Norco added a dropper post so that you can easily put your feet on the ground at a traffic light so that you can be safe and secure, this feature really does make a difference in areas where you have to stop frequently. You’ll be rolling on larger volume tyres for a smooth ride and easy speed, while the hydraulic disc brakes will give you excellent braking control over all of that power in any conditions. If you have an electric bike it’s important to know what setting you’re in and just how fast you’re going, thankfully Norco equipped the Scene VLT with a Shimano display so that you can see all of the data you like. The Norco Scene VLT electric bike is a casual design that is all business when it comes to design and quality. This e-bike is brilliantly simple and reliable, ready to hit any path with comfort and ease.

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The Scene is the ideal bike for those that want to ride in style and comfort without breaking a sweat thanks to the smooth power of this electric bike Norco also produce other quality Road Bikes, Mountain Bikes, E-Bikes, and more.

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