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Our Range Of Norco Search XR

The Norco Search XR is an Adventure Road Bike that is designed for the rider that is looking to push the limits of what to expect from a Drop Bar Road Bike. Available in both alloy and carbon frames, and with varying levels on components, all riding preferences are catered for. The Search is more than a Road bike, it is an all Road Bike. All roads, all the time. The Search is the perfect Road Bike if you want to ride road with some gravel grinding in between and not be limited by road conditions.

About The Norco Search XR Platform

Adventure riding can be dirty, and that is why the Search XR has the GIZMO internal cable routing system to keep out water and debris, prevent any rattling, and enable easy setup and maintenance. The new WTB Resolute TCS Tyres will give you the speed and grip you need to get the most out of yourself while you’re adventuring off the beaten-track. The Search comes in both Aluminium and Carbon Fibre frame models, both featuring Disc Brakes, and ARC Endurance System; stays, Seat Tube, seat post and fork are engineered to absorb and deflect fatiguing vibrations before they reach the rider’s body so that you can ride faster, longer.

Norco Search XR Technology

The higher end Search XR C Ultegra is equipped with a carbon frame and carbon fork for lightweight and durable performance. This models also features a 2x11 Shimano Ultegra drivetrain for ultimate performance and reliability. The Search XR was developed among a rugged Canadian landscape and it shows in the quality and durability this bike offers. It is built to go fast and give you a kick start when you’re out adventuring. The Norco Search XR offers you high performance and reliability on an adventure bike, meaning it is excellent value and bound to be hours of fun when you’re out adventuring.

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