Norco Sight

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Norco Sight

The Norco Sight range delivers an exceptional balance pedalling efficiency for the steepest of climbs and pure outright fun for white knuckle descents down your favourite MTB trails. Thanks to it’s low bottom bracket, ultra stiff frame and slack head angle, the Norco Sight delivers everything and more you’d expect from a premium mountain bike brand such as Norco.

Norco’s ‘Gravity Tune’ frame geometry ensures a consistent riding experience throughout the size range, creating a perfectly tailored ride for riders of all sizes. ‘Gravity Tune’ means that the frame and wheelbase get proportionately bigger with each size which allows the rider to be balanced and centred on the bike no matter their build or weight. This translates into better handling and responsiveness across all terrains.

Remember the old dual suspension mountain bikes that would ‘bob’ up and down while you pedal? There’s none of that with the Norco Sight and it maintains a stable platform at all times. Additionally, the Norco Sight features outstanding square edge bump compliance which means when the bike encounters an obstacle, the wheel moves backwards and up, allowing the Norco Sight to overcome obstacles with maximum efficiency and minimum loss of momentum.

With various price points and specs to suit all riders and budgets, the Norco Sight is an uncompromising, dirt eating, trailblazing fun machine that just begs you to ride further and faster.