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Our Range of Sports Hydration

With women typically having 45-60% and men 50-65% of their body weight made up of water it is extremely important to keep hydrated. Water helps to move nutrients around your body and keep you healthy by transporting nutrients, it also helps to lubricate joints and regulate body temperature. Hydration is key for anyone no matter their fitness level or competition level, dehydration can cause muscle cramps, dizziness, heat stroke, and more. As a cyclist you'll want to be sure to stay hydrated as it is suggested that you should drink on average every 10 to 20 minutes during exercise. Sports Hydration Drinks, Powders, Tablets, and Electrolyte supplements are a great way to stay Hydrated whilst you're riding and to provide your body with much need nutrition with certain formulas containing potassium, sodium, carbohydrates, sugars, and more.

Electrolyte & Hydration Drinks

Energy Drinks otherwise known as Electrolyte Hydration Drinks & Powders are a great way of giving your typical hydration that extra boost, with some formulas providing the necessary sodium, calcium, magnesium, potassium, and more to help with prolonged endurance exercise. These performance drinks help to improve your stamina and help to prevent muscular cramps and spasms, with Electrolyte Powders being flexible in allowing you to customise intake when adding to drinks, with the ability to top up existing Electrolyte drinks. Although we recommend not exceeding the daily intake which can be found on the products labelling.

Electrolyte & Hydration Tablets

Electrolyte & Hydration Tablets are commonly exactly like there counter part powders, just transformed into a easy to use Tab for you to drop into a bottle of water and shake. These Tablets are great for during long rides as you won't need to carry around powder. Electrolyte Tablets typically don't have as many Carbohydrates as other Powders, Drinks and Gels might, but they more often than not supply your body with high amounts of potassium, magnesium and more. There Tab form allows you to add the much need nutrition to a drink while on the go with just the need for a shake before you can reap the benefits.

Energy Gels

Energy Gels are concentrated Hydration & Energy Drinks & Tablets, helping to provide carbohydrates, glucose, amino acids, and more. Energy Gels are great for cyclist who need a quick boost before or during a ride, it's recommended to still take water with these gels as the won't prevent dehydration.

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