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Australia’s Biggest Range of Bicycles For Sale

With our massive range and so many styles, you’ll be sure to find the best bike for you. All new purchases come with a free professional fitting and our Perfect Ride Guarantee, so you can ride home in confidence!

Most Popular Brands

Benefits of riding a bike

Here are what customers most commonly tell us are the reasons they’re looking for a bike:

Staying active and exploring the outdoors

Whether you’re eager to build on your endurance and stamina, or keen to relax and unwind as you coast along the tracks - cycling allows you to choose your own pace and intensity.

All of our bike ranges are great for these goals, but in particular you may want to check out our range of Road Bikes, Mountain Bikes, and Commuter & Recreation Bikes.

Family time and socialising

Australia has tonnes of paths, parks and tracks which make for great bike-riding adventures for the whole family. The kids will want a cool design and to go fast, meanwhile you’ll want to know they’re safe and one a bike that’s properly fitted for their size. While all of our bike ranges will suit your needs, you may want to start your search with our Mountain Bikes and Kids Bikes.

Joining your local cycling club is a great way to get motivated, discover new trails and make new friends. Each club is different, but you can start by checking out our ranges of Road Bikes and Adventure Road Bikes.

Commuting and saving money on transport

You know the drill - liven up your commute, fill the car up less frequently and save money on public transport by riding a bike into work. We have a massive range of Commuter & Recreation Bikes that can help you start and finish the work day feeling alive and with a clear mind.


Kid's Bike Buying Guide
Kid's Bike Buying Guide

Whether it’s your kids first bike, or they’ve outgrown their old set of wheels; buying a kids bike can be difficult if you don’t know how to pick the right one.

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BMX Bike Buying Guide

Given their size, durability, and simplicity, BMX bikes are a great option for older children and adolescents. As you progress through the kids range, models become stronger, more rugged and more suitable for racing and tricks.

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How To Find The Right Helmet
How To Find The Right Helmet

By law, every cyclist is required to wear a helmet which complies with Australia’s strict safety standards. Here’s a rundown on some of the main types of helmets and how to pick which model is right for you.

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Frequently asked questions

Our staff are well-known for being the most friendly, knowledgeable and professional bike experts, and will help you with any questions you may have. Here are some of the most common:

How to find the right bike size?

The quickest and easiest way is to measure your height in centimetres and then refer to the Bike Sizing Charts available on all of our bike pages. These will tell you which sizes, measured in XS (Extra Small), SM (Small), MD (Medium), LG (Large) and XL (Extra Large), may be suitable for you.

When purchasing a new bike you will receive a free professional fitting to make sure you get the bike tailored to your needs.

How is frame size measured?

A bike frame size is determined by the length of the seat tube. Measure the distance from the centre of the bottom bracket to the seat post collar and that will be your bike size. As a general rule road bikes sizes are shown in centimetres and mountain bikes are shown in inches.

How do you use bike gears?

Bikes have two sets of gears. First, the front gears on your crankset are controlled by the lever under your left hand. Second, the rear gears on your rear wheel are controlled by the lever under your right hand. The bigger the gear on the front, the harder it will be to push the pedals. The bigger the gear on the back, the easier it will be to push the pedal.

Changing gears will help you maintain a comfortable cadence (how fast you are pedalling) when riding up an incline or wanting to increase your speed.

When changing gears, maintain a steady cadence and shift the appropriate gear lever smoothly, allowing your chain to move to the next gear before changing gear again. Always look at the road ahead and if you are approaching an incline plan what gear you need to be in.

How high should the bike seat be?

Imagine your crankset (or chainset) like a clock, with the pedals being the clock hands. With your right heel on the pedal at the 6 o'clock position, your leg should be completely straight with no bend in your leg. Repeat for your left side.

If there is a bend in your leg, adjust your seat height upwards. If you cannot touch the pedal with your heel, adjust your seat height downwards. This will give you a starting point on finding the right seat height.

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