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  1. POC Tectal Uran Helmet Black
    POC Tectal Uranium Helmet Black
    $299.99 $289.00 $260.10
  2. POC Tectal Helmet White
    POC Tectal Helmet White
    $299.99 $289.00 $260.10
  3. Helmets POC Kortal Black
    POC Kortal Helmet Black
    $324.99 $299.00 $269.10
    POC Axion SPIN Helmet Blue
    $249.99 $162.00 $145.80
  5. Helmets POC Kortal Lead Blue
    POC Kortal Helmet Lead Blue
    $324.99 $299.00 $269.10
  6. Helmets POC Kortal White
    POC Kortal Helmet White
    $324.99 $299.00 $269.10
  7. POC Axion SPIN Helmet Matt White
    POC Axion SPIN Helmet Matt White
    $249.99 $162.00 $145.80
  8. POC Axion SPIN Helmet Black/Blue
    POC Axion SPIN Helmet Black/Blue
    $249.99 $239.00 $215.10
  9. POC Tectal Helmet Blue Matt
    POC Tectal Helmet Blue Matt
    $299.99 $289.00 $260.10
  10. POC Axion SPIN Helmet Matte Blue
    POC Axion SPIN Helmet Matte Blue
    $249.99 $239.00 $215.10
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Huge Range of Bike Helmets

Beyond providing safety, you helmet should also be comfortable and suitable for the style of riding you'll be doing. At 99 Bikes, we carry a huge range of helmets from the best brands.

Most Popular Brands

Kids Helmets

When buying a kids bike helmet parents need to consider two factors - firstly, safety and secondly, picking a design that your kids will love to wear. 99 Bikes range includes; baby helmets, toddler bike helmets, kids helmets, and youth helmets.

Mountain Bike Helmets

Otherwise known as MTB helmets, these generally feature a front visor for extra sun protection and extra protection around the rear of the helmet for additional impact protection on those rougher trails.

BMX Helmets

Otherwise known as street bike helmets, these deliver both safety for stacks at the skatepark and style to make that landing look so much sweeter, with BMX and skate helmets being designed for safety, style and comfort.

Road Helmets

If you’re donning the lycra and hitting the bitumen, look for road cycling helmets that are lightweight and have plenty of air vents to promote airflow around your head and keep you nice and cool on longer rides. Or, for the competitive rider our range of aero bike helmets are great in helping to reduce wind drag.

Full Face Helmets

Full face bike helmets provide the ultimate protection if you’re going to be doing any form of downhill mountain biking amongst unforgiving obstacles, they offer safety towards the front of the helmet and added top and back making them more expensive than traditional mountain bike helmets.

Frequently asked questions

Our staff are well-known for being the most friendly, knowledgeable and professional bike experts, and will help you with any questions you may have. Here are some of the most common:

What size helmet should I buy?

A well-fitting helmet should be snug but not uncomfortable. To determine what size you’ll need, simply measure the circumference of your head using a piece of string placed about 3 cm above your eyebrows. As a guide, you can start with the below for the Azur L61, one of our most popular helmets:

Size S-M M-L L-XL
Measurement 53-56cm 55-59cm 58-61cm

Always check the sizing for an individual helmet under the Details tab on our pages, or check with one of our bike experts.

What is MIPS?

Multi-directional Impact Protection System (MIPS) is designed to reduce rotational motion that occur due to certain types of impacts. By allowing the head to move inside the helmet, the amount of harmful rotational motion is reduced. You can spot a MIPS helmet by the yellow liner beneath the pads when you look inside in the helmet.

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