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  1. Tacx NEO 2T Smart Indoor Trainer
    Tacx NEO 2T Smart Indoor Trainer
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  2. Tacx Flux 2 Smart Indoor Trainer
    Tacx Flux 2 Smart Indoor Trainer
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  3. Indoor Trainer Tacx NEO Bike Smart
    Tacx NEO Smart Bike Indoor Trainer
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Our Range of Indoor Bike Trainers & Accessories

Indoor Cycling has become ever more popular as Covid lockdowns and bad weather has forced people to spend more time inside than they would like. At 99 Bikes we stock a huge range of Indoor Bike trainers to suit any budget or bike.If you are looking for a bike trainer, we have the best range of indoor trainers from leading brands such as Wahoo, Jetblack, Tacx and more. The amount of indoor bike trainer stands to choose from has skyrocketed along with its popularity. At 99 Bikes have a wide range of trainers from Basic indoor trainers to the latest smart bikes packed with technology.

Types of Trainers

There are a variety of trainers varying in budget and rider benefits. The less expensive Magnetic Trainers offer a cost-effective option and are great for riders that just want the occasional 'bail out' option without having to spend too much.Fluid Trainers offer a more realistic riding feel due to the way resistance is applied, and are generally preferred by riders intending to use the trainers as a more integral part of their riding. With Rollers being the cheapest of Indoor Trainers which are great for starting out. Both Magnetic & Fluid Trainers are quieter than wind trainers. Indoor Trainers are known by many different names such as Turbo Trainers, Wind Trainers, or simply a bike trainer stand.

Smart Trainers provide a huge amount of data and interactivity to provide an ultra-realistic training session. They are great for the more experienced rider who can monitor everything they would outdoors such as speed, cadence, power output and more. One of the best smart trainers on the market today is the Wahoo Kickr V5 which comes packed with technology, sensors and an array of accessories so you can customise your home bike trainer setup.

Resistance & Drive Types

Wind Trainers

In a wind trainer, the roller drives fan blades that create air resistance. These are typically the least expensive and noisiest trainers. This is similar to what you would find on a spin bike or on a rowing machine. They also may lack enough for serious riders.

Magnetic Trainers

As the name suggests, Magnetic trainers use magnets to provide resistance on the bike wheel. Mag trainers are a cost-effective option that will also allow for adjustment on how much resistance is provided however, to change the resistance you will need to get off the bike and adjust it manually or run a cable up to your handlebars. if you are looking at purchasing a mag trainer, the Jetblack M5 is a great option.

Fluid Trainers

Fluid Trainers are similar to magnetic trainers in terms of price and sound. Fluid trainers like the Wahoo Kickr Snap is a great trainer for the everyday rider who wants to get in some extra km’s. Fluid trainers will be slightly quieter than a magnetic trainer, but still quite loud in comparison to a direct drive trainer.

Direct Drive Trainers

Direct Drive Trainers like the Tecx Neo 2T replace the rear wheel of your bike and your bike mounts directly onto a cassette attached to the trainer. These trainers are the quietest but also are fairly expensive, Most direct drive trainers will come stock with smart trainer capabilities and connect to cycling apps like Zwift.

Reasons to Purchase an Indoor Bike Trainer

  • Train when it suits you - At night or when it’s raining
  • Minimal prep - Just jump on the bike and start training
  • Improve fitness and riding technique with data
  • Exercise while you work or watch TV

Zwift Virtual Training

Zwift is a popular new app that makes riding indoors an immersive and fun experience. The app connects to your trainer and its sensors, allowing you to ride through a virtual world filled with new roads and trails to explore. There are over 3 million active users including professional riders from around the world so you can see how fit you really are. There is a range of different riding modes available from casual trail rides to road races with over 1000 people.

At 99 bikes we stock the indoor bike trainers that Zwift recommends to use, check them out below:

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