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Our Range Of Norco Optic Bikes

The Optic is a fast-pedalling trail bike that rides with just the right mix of cross country efficiency and all mountain playfulness. Progressive trail geometry has been carefully tuned across each frame size to give every rider the same optimal fit and ride quality, while A.R.T. suspension delivers both efficient climbing and lively, capable descending. Ride your trails, your way - and ways you never thought possible - faster, with more control, complete confidence and that feeling of becoming at one with the bike. Available in carbon or aluminium with your choice of 650B or 29 inch Wheels, the Optic gives you a whole new perspective on the trail.

About The Norco Optic Platform

Every degree, every millimetre matters and can mean the difference between having an average ride or an epic experience, being on the bike or being at one with it. The Optic represents the next evolution of our geometry philosophy. A new approach that delivers the optimal fit and handling characteristics for every rider, not only for the frame size they fit, but also the wheel size they prefer.

No two riders ride the same trail in the same way. That’s why we developed the Optic from the ground up in two wheel sizes, offering the choice between the quick acceleration of 650B or the improved rollover and momentum of a 29 inch Wheels. To make your choice easier, we’ve optimised the geometry of the 29er to share the same fit and handling characteristics of the 650B version. How do you roll?

Norco Optic Platform Technology

The development of the Optic required our largest fleet of prototype bikes to date. In order to validate the fit and handling between the two wheel sizes, each bike in the fleet was carefully outfitted with the same spec to isolate the effects of wheel size and geometry. Test riders rode the 650B and 29er prototypes back-to-back and provided detailed feedback to the engineering team to further refine the geometry to meet project goals.

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