BMX Tyres

Our Range of BMX Tyres

99 Bikes has a wide selection of BMX tyres at Australia’s best prices. Choose from leading brands such as Colony, Maxxis, Academy and more.

When selecting the right BMX tyres for your bike, the 3 main areas to consider are diameter, width and tread type.

Generally BMX wheels are either 16”, 20” or 24” with widths varying from 1.75” to 2.5”. The size you require will depend on the size of your rims. This information can normally be found printed close to the valve opening.

Typically street bmx riders will favour a smooth easy rolling tread pattern for minimum rolling resistance, whereas dirt and off-road riders prefer the grip provided by chunkier tread patterns.

Our range of BMX tyres are available to purchase online or in-store at your local 99 Bikes, with an optional fitting service available via our workshops.