Road & Commuter Tyres

700c Road Bike Tyres

The most common road bike tyre diameter is 700c and 23mm wide, however, wider tyres up to 25-30mm wide are becoming more popular as they offer a slightly more comfortable ride. It’s important to check your rims prior to purchasing road bike tyres online as not all widths will fit all wheels.

700c bike tyres are available in a range of tread patterns - if you want to go fast then a slick tyre with no tread pattern is the way to go, but if you’re going to ride in varying conditions then a tyre with some form of tread pattern will provide slightly better grip.

700c tyres are constructed from 3 main components; the Bead which keeps it on the rim, the Fabric, which is woven between the Beads and holds the tyre’s shape and finally the rubber which provides the grip when out on the road.

There are two main types of 700c tyres; Clincher & Tubular.

Clinchers are the most commonly used type of tyre and attach onto the rim via the Bead. Clincher tyres use replaceable inner tubes to hold the tyre onto the rim and are a popular choice due to their ease of removal and repair in the event of a flat.

Tubular Tyres are preferred by professional riders as they allow for higher inflation pressures which reduce rolling resistance. Tubular tyres don’t rely on an inner tube, but rather are glued to the rims to hold the tyre in place which can puncture repairs quite tricky out on the open road.

It’s important to note that clincher and tubular tyres can’t be used interchangeably and require their own specific type of rim.

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