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  1. CST Jack Rabbit MTB Tyre
    CST Jack Rabbit MTB Tyre
    Now $32.00 RRP $39.99 SAVE $7.99
  2. Maxxis Refuse 700x23c Tyre
    Maxxis Refuse 700x23c Tyre
    Now $48.00 RRP $54.99 SAVE $6.99
  3. CST Patrol Tyre 29 x 2.10"
    CST Patrol Tyre 29 x 2.10"
    Now $35.00 RRP $42.99 SAVE $7.99

Items 37-72 of 170

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Our Range of Bike Tyres

In terms of bang for your buck, upgrading your bike tyres is one of the cheapest upgrades you can make to your bike. Higher quality bicycle tyres can improve overall levels of comfort, reduce rolling resistance and improve handling and generally, overall making you more efficient with every pedal. Maintaining or upgrading tyres is important from a safety perspective to ensure you are replacing when grip is reduced or worn.

Mountain Bike Tyres

Mountain Bike Tyres are available in a range of diameters to suit the varying wheel sizes required for different types of riding. The most common mountain wheel sizes are 26”, 27.5” & 29” which all over different performance levels over various terrain. Similar to road bike tyres, MTB tyres comes in multiple widths to suit different riding scenarios. Generally a wider tyre around 2.2” provides higher levels of grip however increases rolling resistance which increases the effort to maintain momentum over flat ground. If you’re not slamming serious MTB trails then a slimmer width tyre will provide a smoother, faster ride. As always it’s best to check your rims to check what diameter and width rubber will suit your bike.

There are a huge range of tread patterns available in MTB bike tyres, each with their own pros and cons. Tyres with large tread knobs provide a large amount of grip in wet and muddy conditions, however offer higher rolling resistance when it comes to hard, dry surfaces, which will ultimately slow you down.

Road Bike Tyres

The most common Road Bike Tyre diameter is 700c and and 23mm wide, however wider tyres up to 25-30mm wide are becoming more popular as they offer a slightly more comfortable ride. It’s important to check your rims prior to purchasing road bike tyres online as not all widths will fit all wheels.

Road Bike Tyres are available in a range of tread patterns - if you want to go fast then a slick tyre with no tread pattern is the way to go, but if you’re going to ride in varying conditions then a tyre with some form of tread pattern will provide slightly better grip.

Whether you're into Road Bike Tyres, Mountain Bike Tyres, Kids Bike Tyres or BMX Tyres, we carry a great selection of tyres for bikes from quality brands such as Maxxis, Michelin, Schwalbe, Vittoria, Continental and more.