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  1. BBB Nautilus Chain Breaker
    BBB Nautilus Chain Breaker
    $34.99 $32.00 $28.80
  2. BBB LinkFix Chain Link Tool
    BBB LinkFix Chain Link Tool
    $21.99 $19.00 $17.10
  3. BBB Turn Table Chain Whip
    BBB Turn Table Chain Whip
    $34.99 $32.00 $28.80
  4. BBB Turner Spoke Key
    BBB Turner Spoke Key
    $15.99 $14.00 $12.60
  5. BBB Pedal Wrench
    BBB Pedal Wrench
    $34.99 $32.00 $28.80
  6. BBB TorqueSet Tool
    BBB TorqueSet Tool
    $139.99 $135.00 $121.50
  7. Tool Case BBB Tools & Tubes LG Black
    BBB ToolCan Large Black
    $19.99 $18.00 $16.20
  8. BBB Allen Key Hexset | 99 Bikes
    BBB Allen Key Set
    $24.99 $22.00 $19.80
  9. BBB ChainChecker Tool
    BBB ChainChecker Tool
    $19.99 $19.00 $17.10
  10. BBB MaxiFold 18 Multi Tool
    BBB MaxiFold 18 Multi Tool
    $44.99 $37.00 $33.30
  11. BBB Hexagon 8mm Allen Key
    BBB Hexagon 8mm Allen Key
    $11.99 $10.00 $9.00
  12. Brush BBB Cassette cleaning
    BBB Cassette Cleaning Brush
    $14.99 $14.00 $12.60
  13. BBB MultiHook Bracket Tool
    BBB MultiHook Bracket Tool
    $14.99 $13.00 $11.70
  14. BBB Profi Mount Workstand
    BBB ProfiMount Workstand
    $299.99 $276.00 $248.40
  15. BBB FastCut Cable Cutter
    BBB FastCut Cable Cutter
    $65.99 $62.00 $55.80
  16. Tool Case BBB Tools & Tubes SM Black
    BBB ToolCan Small Black
    $14.99 $13.00 $11.70
    BBB SRAM Brake Bleeding Kit
    $54.99 $49.00 $44.10
    BBB T-Handle Hexset
    $99.99 $89.00 $80.10

31 Items

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Set Descending Direction

Tools & Maintenance

Our Range Of Bike Tool Kits, Maintenance kits & Accessories For Sale

Keep your bike well maintained and performing at it’s best with our range of Bike Tool Kits and Accessories for all Bike Maintenance needs, including Bike Workstands, Tyre Levers, Patch Kits, Lubricants & Grease, Cleaning Products, and more. Find the right Tools and Accessories via our buying guide here.

Bike Tools range of Workshop Tools, from a variety of Allen Keys and Multi Tools that are perfect for roadside fixes, through to Chain Tools (Also commonly called Chain Breakers), Spoke Keys, Brake Bleeding Kits and Cassette removers for the more advanced home bicycle mechanics.

Maintaining and cleaning bike will help extend the life of your bike and individual parts so that you can keep riding your favourite bike for years to come. When it comes to maintenance and cleaning, what type of riding and how often you ride will impact the required maintenance. If you’re just commuting on bike paths your bike will probably stay clean but you’ll need to make sure that all of your parts are in working order. The same probably goes for a casual rider, but if you’re a mountain biker tearing up the dirt then cleaning brushes and solutions will be your best friend. Dirt and grit can get into every component in your bike and reduce the performance of your components as well as reduce how long they will last. It is important that you remove dirt and debris from your bike as often as possible. While bike specific cleaning solutions are the safest way to go so that you don’t damage your bike, which can happen if you were to use household cleaning products.

99 Bikes Workshop

If you’re not confident in completing repairs or maintenance to your bike, 99 Bikes has highly trained bike mechanics available at all store locationsClick here to view the services available.

The Best Bike Tool Kits & Accessories At The Best Price

99 Bikes ranges quality Bike Tool Kits & Accessories for all riders and mechanics from beginner to advanced DIY mechanics. With the best brands like CamelBak, Finish Line, Lezyne, Krush, JetBlack, SRAM, Topeak, and more. Shop in-store and online.

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