Our Range of Electric Mountain Bikes

Electric Mountain Bikes are ideal for riders of all abilities to get out and enjoy the trails. Whether it’s a laid back cross country expedition or white knuckle down hill runs, E-Mountain Bikes excel across all terrains.

As their name suggests, Electric Mountain Bikes offer pedalling assistance to the rider via an integrated electric motor. This assistance significantly reduces the amount of effort required by the rider, allowing you to venture further and conquer obstacles and hills without breaking a sweat.

Our range of E-Mountain Bikes feature powerful motors from leading manufacturers such as Bosch, Shimano & Bafang. Most models allow you to select the level of pedalling assistance ‘on the fly’, giving you the ability to increase the power output over steeper terrains, then reduce over flatter sections to manage your battery life.

Battery life depends on a few factors including, the size of the battery, the weight of the bike, the terrain and the rider’s weight. Generally most riders can expect to get 80km out of a single charge when riding at 20km/h.

For downhill MTB riders, our Dual Suspension Electric Mountain Bikes provide a similar benefit to a ski-lift on the slopes - allowing you to get back to the top of the trails more often, with much less effort required than on a traditional Mountain Bike.

99 Bikes carries a great selection of Electric Mountain Bikes from quality brands such as Cube, Merida and Velectrix. If you’d like to experience the thrill of an E-Mountain Bike for yourself, visit your local E-bike expert store today for a 24 hour test ride.