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Our Range Of 27.5 Inch Mountain Bikes For Sale

99 Bikes has a massive range of top-quality 27.5 inch mountain bikes from the industry leading brands available in Australia. 27.5 Inch mountain bikes (aka: 650B) are typically produced in the form of hardtail MTBs, which feature 27.5 inch wheels that are both both dynamic and playful for riders. 27.5 inch hardtails are considered to be the replacement for the 26 inch mountain bike, They are ideal for riders that look for smaller and lighter mountain bikes with better handling and acceleration. Some 27.5 inch e-Mountain bikes may feature a dual suspension mountain bike system.

27.5 Inch Dual Suspension Mountain Bikes

Dual suspension bike systems are often more complex and require more maintenance than hardtail mountain bikes, typically carrying a higher price tag. A great way to save on a dual suspension mountain bike is to move down in wheel size. A 27.5 inch dual suspension mountain bike is more often than not cheaper than the larger 29 inch dual suspension mountain bike models available. Offering riders a similar comfortable ride and more control on the trail for sometimes what can be a fraction of the price.

27.5 Inch Hardtail Mountain Bikes

27.5 Inch hardtail mountain bikes are the perfect mountain bikes for riders who are looking to feel more of the trail but still have hours of comfort. 27.5 Inch hardtail bikes are ideal for most riders due to their simplicity, featuring lighter frames that are often more durable and less expensive than dual suspension bikes. 27.5 Inch hardtail MTBs are often referred to as the workhorse of mountain bike models as they require less maintenance and are known for being versatile and trusty bikes.

The Best 27.5 Inch Mountain Bikes At The Best Prices

Shop Australia's widest range of 27.5 inch mountain bikes available in hardtail, electric, and dual suspension models. From quality brands like Cube, Merida, Norco, GT, Apollo, Pedal, and many more! Head in store to your local 99 Bikes in Melbourne, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Sydney, Sunshine Coast, Canberra and online to learn more.

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