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E-Bike Experts

E-Bike Experts

Not quite a scooter, nor a motorbike. Is it really cycling? What is an Electric Bike? There is a still a lot of confusion as to how they work and the actual difference between an E-Bike versus a regular bike. In the simplest sense, an Electric bike is a powered bike that will provide extra power when you're pedalling.

Electric bikes have taken Europe by storm and have since made their way into the Australian market. While the category has been around for a while, in recent years they have made huge steps forward in design, battery and motor capacity, and variety, with electric bikes now available for every kind of rider. Check an e-Bike's range with the Bosch Calculator.

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E-Bike Expert Stores

Visit one of our 99 Bikes stores that specialises in e-bikes. These stores offer the very best in e-bikes advice and an extended range of options to suit any budget. Our staff are experts because;

  • Staff undergo extensive training and must pass on examination on their technical knowledge.
  • Staff must complete a GPS tracked minimum number of kilometres riding e-bikes in order to offer the best practical advice.
  • Mechanics must pass examinations on technical knowledge and attend regular hands on training sessions from component manufacturers.

Take One For A Ride

30 Minute test ride OR 24 Hour Demo from $49 | Refunded with any e-bike purchase

Every e-bike at every 99 Bikes store is available to take home for a 24 hour demo or free 30 minute test ride. It’s the perfect way to really test out how an e-bike will benefit you. Find a store

A $49 service fee applies to a 24 hour demo, which is refunded if you purchase any e-bike, see in-store for more details.