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At 99 Bikes we carry a wide range of the best electric bikes and some of the most affordable, there is an e-bike for every person and every need. Some of our biggest Brands include Merida, Cube, Pedal and Norco, you can find these bikes when you visit one of our stores throughout Brisbane. You can get expert advice from trained electric bike specialists, with the most comprehensive range of electric bikes to choose from, and you can even take one home for a 24 hour test ride.

All staff at our Brisbane electric bike expert stores undergo extensive training to ensure they have the knowledge to answer all of your questions, they have also completed a minimum number of hours on an e-bike so that they truly are experts. Additionally, the mechanics at our electric bike specialist stores must pass regular technical examinations to ensure their skills are up to date to provide the highest levels of after sales support for our e-bike customers. Don't waste time with a second hand electric bike or an electric bike conversion kit, come in to your local store and buy one today with our wide range of electric bikes for sale in Brisbane. You can climb steep hills with electric assist from mid drive motors that boost your speed as you pedal, this style is known as pedal assist and is the most common style in Australia. You can check an e-Bike's range with the Bosch Calculator.


E-Bike Expert Stores Brisbane

Walk into one of our Brisbane 99 Bikes e-bikes specialist stores for all of the advice and help you need to buy your new e-bike. Our staff are real riders with loads of experience on bikes to help you get the perfect ride. Not only will you get excellent advice and assistance, they also carry an extended range of options to suit various budgets and needs. Our Brisbane staff are experts because;

  • They undergo extensive training and must pass on examination on their technical knowledge.
  • They must complete a GPS tracked minimum number of kilometres riding e-bikes in order to offer the best practical advice.
  • Brisbane's Mechanics must pass examinations on technical knowledge and attend regular hands on training sessions from component manufacturers.

Demo An E-Bikes

30 Minute test ride OR 24 Hour Demo from $49 | Refunded with any e-bike purchase

Every Brisbane 99 Bikes store provides both a take home 24 hour demo or free 30 minute test ride. Our expert staff and test rides will ensure you ride away with nothing but the best e-bike. Find a store

A $49 service fee applies to a 24 hour demo, which is refunded if you purchase any e-bike, see in-store for more details.