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Electric Bike Specialists In Perth

99 Bikes has a quality range of electric bikes available in Perth, from leading brands including Merida, Cube, Velectrix, Norco, and more. All covered by our price beat guarantee. 99 Bikes Joondalup is our certified electric bike experts store in Perth, with highly knowledgeable sales and workshop team members on hand to answer all of your E-Bike related questions. All staff are required to ride a minimum amount of GPS tracked kilometres on electric bikes to enable them to provide practical hints and tips when helping you choose the right electric bike, and workshop staff required to complete extensive training and assessment to ensure their technical skills are second to none.

Electric bikes are ideal for exploring the sights of Perth, allowing you to ride further and faster than you otherwise might be able to on a traditional bicycle. From cruising the shores of the Swan River, to tackling the steep inclines of the Perth Hills region, or even just for cutting down your morning commute - electric bikes are a versatile and comfortable way of getting outside and enjoying everything Perth has to offer. Check the range of an e-Bike with the Bosch Calculator.

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E-Bike Expert Stores Perth

Visit one of our Perth 99 Bikes e-bikes specialist stores. These stores offer the quality e-bikes advice and carry an extended range of options to suit various budgets. Our Perth staff are experts because;

  • Our Perth staff undergo extensive training and must pass on examination on their technical knowledge.
  • Perth staff have to complete a GPS tracked minimum number of kilometres riding e-bikes in order to offer the best practical advice.
  • Perth's Mechanics must pass examinations on technical knowledge and attend regular hands on training sessions from component manufacturers.

Demo An E-Bikes

30 Minute test ride OR 24 Hour Demo from $49 | Refunded with any e-bike purchase

Every Perth 99 Bikes store provides both a 24 hour demo or free 30 minute test ride. Our expert staff and test rides will ensure you ride away with nothing but the best e-bike. Try one today at Belmont and Joondalup. Find a store

A $49 service fee applies to a 24 hour demo, which is refunded if you purchase any e-bike, see in-store for more details.