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Our Range Of Merida Matts Bikes

The Merida Matts series comes in a range of styles and designs, from toddler to youth to adult riding. The thread that connects them all together - they're best suited to those who love the outdoors and adventure.

Merida Matts J12

Available in different styles for boys and girls, these 12-inch bikes are best suited for those aged between 2 and 4 years old. During this period, kids typically are still building their riding confidence, improving their coordination and strength. That’s why the J12’s come in a lightweight alloy frame, which allows easier handling and control compared to the steel frame that is often used in kids bikes.

Merida Matts J16

With the ability to remove training wheels as their riding ability improves, the J16 series is a great upgrade for many toddlers who have outgrown their first bike, or alternatively, are riding for the first time between the ages of 3-6. Similar to the J12, these have a 6061 lightweight aluminium frame. Also, they are painted and lacquered just like Merida adult bikes, meaning they still look awesome after taking on a few bumps.

Merida Matts J20

A versatile kids bike with 20” wheels, the J20 is suitable for a child’s first bike or a new upgrade. Rigid forks and minimal number of gears help keep the weight down, making them easier to ride. Meanwhile, the suspension fork and alloy rims are capable of holding their own during bumpy stretches, so they are a great option for boys and girls who love adventure.

Merida Matts J24

The J24 range is suitable for those aged between 10 & 13 years old. A nice upgrade from the J20, this bike features hydraulic disc brakes. As kids gain more riding confidence and take on new challenges, hydraulic disc brakes will allow them to brake more quickly and fluidly. The 24” wheels are also wider, supporting a more comfortable ride and an improved ability to roll through debris.

Merida Matts 6.5

Teens and younger riders who enjoy mountain biking, but aren’t quite ready for a full-size mountain bike, can opt for a Matts 6.5 These bikes are durable, featuring a Racelite 6061 alloy frame, and can withstand some rough footpaths and bumpy roads thanks to the Suntour M3010 suspension fork.

Merida Matts 7.10

A comfortable and versatile bike built for entry-level riders looking for something that can switch easily between pavement and off-road, ensuring you’re ready for commuting and time outdoors with family and friends.

Merida Matts 7.70

The swift shifting of the 7.70 will give you a highly enjoyable outdoor riding experience. A Shimano Deore drivetrain is a great find for a bike in this price range, and paired with the 100mm travel fork, these bikes really hit their stride out on the terrain. Their geometry provides a more comfortable riding position and sets the rider up with a stellar viewpoint of what’s in the distance.

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