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Our Range Of Bike & Bicycle Car Racks For Sale

As cyclists, we wish we could ride our bicycles everywhere however there are times when we need to transport our bikes to locations. Whether you’re going on a holiday, heading out of town for an adventure or participating in a cycling event, the most efficient way to save space is to invest in a quality bicycle car rack or carrier from 99 Bikes. With our great range of bike car racks and carriers, you can transport one or more bicycles with a product that best suits your lifestyle from a range of strap on and trunk racks, roof rack carriers, tow ball racks, hitch racks, ute mounts and trailers.

There are options to suit small cars or large cars with tow balls, hitches, roof rails, trailers, spare tyres, or absolutely nothing at all. You can choose from a great selection of trunk racks that attach to your car boot easily without needing any other connections, tow-ball racks for those that wish to connect bike transport using their tow-ball, roof racks for cars with roof rails, hitch racks for easy transport of even up to four bikes, and even ute mounts for your tray. No matter which car model you own or type of rack you require to transport your bike, you can find the best range at cheap prices here at 99 Bikes.

Before You Buy A Bike Rack

Deciding what type of bike carrier to buy depends on whether you want to carry, 1, 2, 3 or 4 bikes, what they weigh, how tall you are, and what type of car you have.

  • How do I fit it to my car?
    You have options including strap-on, roof, or tow-ball racks.
  • How many bikes can I carry?
    We have racks for a one up to 4 bikes available.
  • What is the price range?
    We have a range of racks from $76 to $339.
  • How easy is it to fit to my vehicle?
    Most are easy to fit. If you need help, we'll fit your rack for only $35.

It is important to note that bike car racks generally are not a “one-size-fits-all” product. It’s vital to choose an option that both fits your vehicle properly and is safe and secure. By checking your vehicle owner’s manual you will find information to assist in your bicycle car rack or bike carrier search. Details such as the maximum allowable roof weight and towing capacity will be crucial when researching the best bicycle rack or carrier for you.

When buying a car carrier or rack, keep in mind other potential costs too – if your rack obscures your number plate, you’ll need to add a lighting board to stay the right side of the law, while roof and tow ball mounted carriers may require extra hardware fitted to your car, such as car rack accessories.

Trunk Bicycle Racks & Boot Mounted Bike Car Racks

One of the most popular solutions if you don’t have any roof racks or a tow bar, is a car boot-mounted bicycle rack - especially if your car has a spare tyre but no tow ball. Whilst an economical rack solution in terms of space-saving, this style of bicycle carriers may offer some difficulties with poor rear view visibility and is ideal for travelling short distances. Bike trunk racks are also referred to as bicycle strap-on car racks or bike boot carriers.

Roof Rack Bike Carriers

Roof rack bike carriers allow the whole bicycle to be mounted on the roof of your car. Depending on the rack, the front wheel of your bike may need to be removed and placed elsewhere in the vehicle. Please note that a roof rack bike carrier will add considerable height to your car and care must be taken when travelling under low clearance bridges, signs and car parks.

Roof rack bike transport option is great for long journeys as they are extremely secure and allow for greater visibility as rear vision is not impeded. They can easily carry 2 or 3 bikes and are firmly locked onto your vehicle.

Tow Ball Bike Racks

As the bicycle transport option suitable for the large majority of vehicles, these carriers attach securely to your tow ball and are easy to store when not in use. Whilst bicycle tow ball racks should not add any extra height to your vehicle, it will add length and consideration should be given when parking and reversing.

Hitch Mount Bicycle Racks

The most common fitting types, and also the easiest to install. Hitch mount bike racks are very secure and generally allow you to carry a greater number of bikes. They also come in a variety of styles to suit your needs. The A-Frame style will allow you to tow a trailer. These come in a 'straight' or 'boomerang' style base, with the 'Boomerang' accommodating for cars with rear-mounted spare tyres.

Ute Bike Mounts

Most ute bike mounts do not require tools to fit, and easily secure in the tray of your ute. This means you can spend less time fitting the car rack and more time riding. We have a great range of Yakima ute mounts to choose from.

e-Bike Car Racks

e-Bike car racks otherwise know as electric bike car carriers are specifically designs racks that allow for heavier bikes such as e-Bikes and other large mountain bikes to be transported via car. Most e-Bike carriers are tow ball bike racks which allow for more weight to be securely transported.

The Best Bicycle Car Racks & Bike Carriers At Australia’s Best Prices

99 Bikes extensive range of bike car racks and bicycle carriers includes quality brands such as Yakima, Thule, Pacific, Buzzrack, Hollywood, Allen, Jetblack, Whispbar, and more. Available online and in store at any 99 Bike location in Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Sydney, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, and Canberra.