Electric bikes are fast, fun and help us ride for longer distances than ever before. It’s no surprise their popularity is going through the roof! However, a niggling doubt may remain for some: is riding an electric bike really cycling? If you really want to improve your fitness, should you just stick to a regular bike?

An electric bike, also known as an ebike, gives you extra power when you’re cycling by assisting you with an electric motor. And this is where possible misconceptions arise. After all, if the motor is doing the hard work, then riding an electric bike surely can’t be considered physical activity and healthy living. Right?

Older couple on electric bike

Science has the definitive answer. After examining the physical, cardiorespiratory, metabolic and psychological effects associated with electrically-assisted pedalling, some studies have reached a clear conclusion: riding an electric bike does improve your fitness.

But to what extent? Studies conclude that riding ebikes is a beneficial physical activity of at least moderate intensity. This means that the physical activity that you do while riding an electric bike may be lower than when riding a conventional bike, but is still beneficial for your health and more intense exercise than, for example, just walking.

Other health benefits of the electric bike are:

Reduces Inactivity

Many people, given the choice, will always take the car instead of riding a bike. Some people, for a number of different reasons, are not keen or not able to ride a regular bike. An electric bike can help change that, as it makes it easier than ever for a physically inactive person to start riding and therefore improving their cardiorespiratory fitness.

Reduces Impact

The pedal-assist system of an electric bike can reduce the impact and the stress on certain areas of the body. This is especially beneficial for people who have troublesome knees or thighs.

Great For All Ages & Level Of Training

No matter what age you are or how much you’ve trained before, an electric bike has that amazing power-boosting capability that can help you conquer challenging terrains and inclines with ease.

Young couple riding ebikes

Longer Rides

You know your electric bike will be there for you when you need it most! It can encourage you to go for longer rides with new found confidence, and enjoy the benefits of being outdoors for longer periods of time.

Mental Health Benefits

“Mens sana in corpore sano” (healthy mind in healthy body). Being outdoors, moving your body, enjoying an activity with friends or family, or even joining a cycling club. These are only some of the reasons why riding an electric bike has great benefits for your mental health.

Eco Friendly

Ebikes are not just beneficial for your health, but for the health of our planet! All bikes are a fantastic ecological means of transport, but electric bikes have become a real alternative for replacing the car on the daily commute.

Young woman riding ebike on track

There are other benefits of electric bikes that are not directly related to your health, but are still very important, like saving money! In the long term, riding an electric bike will save you money, especially if you use it to replace public transport and reduce use of your car.

The great news is the range of electric bikes available in the market is only increasing, which means it’s easier to find ebikes and batteries that offer great value for money.

Almost every aspect related to electric bikes, from the frame to the battery and motor, has evolved greatly. The modern electric batteries have way more power than even just a couple of years ago, and, at the same time, are smaller and lighter. Charging them is also faster and easier. The frames of the ebikes are also lighter but still strong enough to withstand the weight of the typical components of an electric bike.

Check out our huge range of electric bikes to find a fun electric mountain bike, a practical electric hybrid bike or a beautiful electric cruiser bike, and start enjoying great health benefits!

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