Mountain Bikes

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Our Range of Mountain Bikes For Sale

99 Bikes has a huge range of the best mountain bikes for sale at Australia's best prices! Our range of mountain bikes are available in Sydney, Perth, Canberra, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Gold Coast, and Sunshine Coast.

Mountain bikes are made with strong frames and components, off road tyres and a large range of gears to make getting off-road easy. While performing best off-road, mountain bikes are extremely versatile, and suitable for a variety of recreational and commuter purposes. Entry-level mountain bikes are more suited to bike paths, parks, and light use on unsealed surfaces. Progressing through the range, mountain bikes become more suited to longer rides, and rougher terrain, with a focus on durability and performance. A cheap mountain bike makes also makes a great all round commuting option for those wishing to bypass the traffic and experience the trills of being a mountain biker.

Mountain bikes can be either hardtail (front suspension only), or dual suspension (suspension in front and rear). They are either made with carbon fibre frames which offer huge advance in performance, as the material is extremely strong, light, and stiff, achieving maximum power transfer from rider to bike. Otherwise, mountain bikes are made with a more budget friendly aluminium frame which is still light yet incredibly tough, but at a much more affordable price point. We also carry a great range of fat bikes with big tyres which are able to be ridden on soft terrain such as sand or mud without getting bogged. There is a bike for every ride, surface and purpose, which is highlighted by the fact the fat bikes exist for a very specific style of riding. Traditionally mountain bikes are either trail bikes, enduro bike or xc bikes, otherwise known as cross country mountain bikes.

Cross country bikes are the most versatile mtb style as they form the base for mountain biking, ready for every surface from singletrack to rocky surfaces and fire roads. XC bikes are built with a focus on pedalling efficiency and geometry that will allow to climb in comfort, therefore they won’t be big on travel. They usually offer up to 120mm travel on the front suspension forks.

Enduro riding has evolved to the point where a great enduro mtb has a lot of similar characteristics to downhill mountain bikes. They are designed to be lower, longer and slacker than typical mountain bikes so that you can get up some serious speed downhill. This is where you will find a bike that is big on travel and suspension, often offering up to 200mm travel so that they’re ready to take the big jumps and big drops.

However, trail bikes are still the most common style of mountain bike as they offer excellent versatility for singletrack, yet can still handle any descent or climb with relative comfort and ability. You’ll find a lot of dual suspension bikes in this category, as well as geometry that offers swift pedalling efficiency and downhill capabilities.

Hardtail Mountain Bikes

A hardtail mountain bike has no suspension at the rear of the bike. In almost all cases, a hardtail mountain bike will feature front suspension in the forks, however, some very low cost models due use rigid forks. They're mechanically simpler, having no rear shock, pivots or tubes behind the seat which makes them lighter and brings down the cost too. Shop a full range of hardtail MTB at 99 Bikes across all popular models including Merida Big Seven and Big Nine, GT Avalanche, Apollo Aspire, and many more.

Mountain Bikes

Mountain bikes can be used for many types of riding, from riding around town to endurance off-road racing. MTB's are made with strong frames and robust components and can be taken on the toughest Australian rough trails, no worries. Womens mountain bikes are designed specifically for female riders and kids mountain bikes are specifically designed for children more often than not with stricter standards. Generally this involves a lower top tube and standover height, which makes it easier to dismount as well as plant your feet on the ground when extra balance is required. They also features women's specific saddles and braking and gear set ups more suited to smaller hands.

Mountain bikes now come in 3 wheel sizes; 26 inch, 27.5 inch (also called 650B), and 29 inch. Generally speaking, the smaller 26 inch wheel size offers a more responsive, agile ride. The larger 29 inch wheel size has the advantage of reduced rolling resistance over rough Australian terrain, which provides easier clearance of obstacles, and general comfort over the trail. The bigger wheels also offer more tread connected with the surface, helping to increase traction. 27.5 inch offers the ultimate versatility - the agility and handling of traditional 26 inch wheels, with the reduced rolling resistance and improved traction and stability of a 29er.

Dual Suspension Mountain Bikes

A dual suspension or full suspension mountain bike features suspension at both the front and rear. Having suspension front and back makes the ride more comfortable especially as these bikes are ideal for down-hill racing. dual suspension bikes are more complex with twice the amount of hardware and thus are more expensive, but worth it for the comfort the rear shock provides.

Dual suspension, or 'dualies' as they are often referred to, are available in a great variety of models and price points depending on what you're looking for. With recent dual suspension bikes making the base platform for the electric mountain bike. The best bikes will be equipped with a dropper post which allows you to adjust your seat height on the fly and give yourself more room to work with in the saddle. Shop a huge range of dual suspension bikes including the Cube Stereo 120, Norco Fluid, GT Sensor, Merida One Forty, and more at 99 Bikes today.

Downhill Mountain Bikes

If you're chasing even more of an adrenaline rush, we also have a huge range of downhill mountain bikes for sale at Australia's best prices. Specifically designed for downhill racing, these bikes are made for descending a course in the shortest time frame, so majority of focus is put into this, rather than uphill pedalling. downhill mountain bikes need stand up to the challenge of travelling the shortest line possible at the highest speed. Brakes are super important when it comes to riding downhill, so it's important that you have the best brakes such as Shimano Hydraulic Disc Brakes or the equivalent from SRAM.

The Best Mountain Bikes At Australia's Best Prices

99 Bikes has the world's best mountain bike brands at the lowest prices, with bikes from Merida, Norco, Cube, GT, Apollo, Pedal, Radius, Mongoose, and more. Men's and women's mountain bikes for beginners right through to experts. Alloy and carbon frames, with hardtail and dual suspension platforms. You can also found a huge range of e-MTB, or electric mountain bikes. This new breed of mountain bike can help you reach new heights, with powerful motors and amazing new technology. If you're looking for a cheap mountain bike to fit your budget, we have what you need at 99 Bikes. If you're looking for a new thrill that will make your road bike seem tame then an electric mountain bike is the right choice for you.