Merida Scultura

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Merida Scultura

Merida Scultura has been an embodiment of stellar weight, outstanding pedalling efficiency and excellent comfort. The by now fourth incarnation again is a purebred beauty which redefines what is possible on the road. The Scultura is a great all-round road option, that balances speed with long ride comfort. This makes it suitable for longer or shorter rides, training and racing.

The Scultura frame platform is favoured by Team Lampre Merida in the UCI Pro Tour, meaning models throughout the series benefit from the research and technological innovation that goes into building a bike to perform at the highest level.

The frame comes in three different different grades of carbon fibre throughout the Scultura series, with the Scultura featuring the CF4 level frame. Merida’s NANO Matrix carbon technology uses NANO-particles to reinforce the matrix structure of the carbon fibre which offers up to 40% more strength and impact resistance than commonly used methods.

A tapered head tube provides more strength and stiffness through the front end of the bike, which means improved overall handling. Flex Stay technology in the rear allows the carbon to offer some vertical movement, which is designed to absorb bumps and vibrations to create a more comfortable ride.

But the new SCULTURA is much more than “just a lightweight”. Despite its chain stays, which are just 400 mm long and provide great agility, you can now use 25 mm tyres and increase the comfort even more. The aerodynamic performance of the new king of the hill, with measured values just below those of the proven aerodynamics experts REACTO, SCULTURA wows people with its overall characteristics, which you will have to search far and wide to match.