Buying a kids bike might sound easy, all you need is a bike with a bell, two wheels and off they go, right? But, before you know it, your child might be riding around with their knees up to their chin or the whole Christmas gifting experience might result in mild trust issues because you “promised you wouldn’t let go”. 

We know all too well, the intentions of our parent shoppers are always pure, but at 99 Bikes’ we’ve seen some of the mistakes our parents make when selecting a kids bike for Christmas. 

To help you out, we’ve sat down with our 99 Bikes’ kids bikes experts and asked them “what are the biggest mistakes to avoid when buying a bike this christmas?”. 

Mistake No. 1 - Being Unsure About What Your Child Might Like

The 99 Bikes’ kids bike range is pretty extensive and this can be really overwhelming for choosing the best bike for your child. It’s really helpful to start by talking to your child and asking them about what they might like on a bike. Are the non-negotiables that the bike comes with rainbow streamers or all they want is a Norco Storm like Johnny’s bike down the street? 

Whatever it is, Devon Fernando from 99 Bikes says “It’s really important to talk to them and ask them questions, sometimes they also need a boost in confidence”. Devon also adds “I think even selling a bike to the parents when the kid is not there should be avoided as the extra encouragement to bring the child in to be sized up is better and builds extra excitement for your child!”. 

If it’s a gift, surprises are always way better! To help, having a clear idea of what your child might like will help narrow down the selection. Plus, 99 Bikes have a 30 day perfect ride guarantee, so if your child doesn’t 100% love it you can swap it within 30 days! 

Mistake No. 2 - Size Doesn’t Matter, They Will Grow Into it!

The age old question. When it comes to kids bikes, size does matter. 

Mitch Sharpe from 99 Bikes Pennant Hills says “The most common one we come across is sizing, either the parents want a bigger bike to last longer, which usually results in the child not feeling safe or confident to ride so the bike just sits around. Alternatively they go for the small bike because the child says they feel better/safer and they "outgrow" the bike in a couple of months because the child gains confidence. Usually you can get past this by educating around sizing and asking lots of questions about what the child's bike journey will look like in the future.” 

Luckily, our consultants are here to help and are experts in sizing up the right bike for your child. Here is a helpful size guide to get you started on what you might need. 

Mistake No. 3 - Not Investing In The Right Bike 

All kids are different, whether you’re raising the next Red Bull stunt jumper or have a child that is a little more cautious. All kids bikes are different too, and bikes come with different price points to match. We often see that some customers are not willing to pay big bucks (understandably) for a kids bike but it’s important to understand the childs’ riding ability - not only for longevity of the bike but also for their safety! 

Thomas Vanden Broeck from 99 Bikes Velo team says “I like to educate parents about the quality of our range, the variation of riding purpose for such a small age available and the issues they might get from purchasing a bike from a discount department store or 2nd hand”. 

Sometimes investing in quality products can cause less stress in the long run if you know your child will be shredding it at the trails. Or, we also have great value options like the Pedal Kids Bikes range for more casual riding options. 

Mistake No. 4 - Expecting Your Child To Immediately Ride After Opening It 

You’ve built up the excitement in your head and you can’t wait until little Amy opens up her first bike for Christmas! When really, your child might be thinking ‘what is this contraption?’. 

Jerry Frans from 99 Bikes Alexandria says “There are phases for kids to learn how to bike. Some progress slowly, while others are faster. Children typically start by sitting on the bike, putting their feet on the pedals, playing around with the handlebars, learning to push the pedals, figuring out how to use the brakes, and finally, finding their balance”. 

Remember, encouragement and patience are the best approach and we’re sure with time your child will love riding as much as you do! 

To shop 99 Bikes’ full kids range, visit our website or in store today!