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  1. What you need to know about servicing your bike

    Servicing your bike will help it keep in pristine condition to maintain performance and ensure that you’re riding on a bike that is safe. Often people have invested a lot of money in their bike and don’t worry much about servicing, but just like your car you need to service your bike regularly. Servicing your bike will increase the life of your parts and give you a much better riding experience.

    How Often should I service my bike?

    You should service your bike regularly so that your bike is performing at its best, lasts longer and is safe. The more often you ride, the more often you should get your bike serviced as there will be more wear on the components. Even if you only ride occasionally you will need a service as some parts will still need some TLC. Obviously the type of riding and how carefully you clean your bike after each ride has

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  2. Best Beginner Mountain Bikes For Under $1000 In 2021

    Best Beginner Mountain Bikes For Under $1000 In 2021

    If you’re after an entry-level mountain bike that won’t break the bank, look no further than a hardtail mountain bike. A hardtail mountain bike is built with a front suspension fork, while a dual-suspension mountain bike is also equipped with a rear shock which adds to the price of the bike and the weight, in reality you’re unlikely to find a reliable dual-suspension mountain bike for under $1000 so a hardtail is clearly your best option.

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  3. How to choose an electric bike

    How to choose an electric bike

    Electric bikes are all the rage with the modern bike rider, whether you’re zipping into the city on your commute or crushing trails with some extra assistance, everybody is jumping on an e-bike. It’s the fastest growing bike category in Australia as they tick a lot of boxes for every rider across the country. They allow you to ride further with less effort, which means that you don’t have to get in the car which is good for the environment, and aside from being practical they are also fun!

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  4. Best Electric Bike for Every City in Australia

    Electric bikes are the fastest growing category in the bike world and our customers love them right across the country. They make riding easier and more fun, whether you want to travel longer with less effort on your commute or get to the top of the trails with ease - there is an e-bike for you and your city.

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  5. Yakima Car Racks Everything You Need To Know

    Yakima Car Racks Everything You Need To Know

    Forget trying to squeeze your bike inside the car, if you want to explore riding destinations beyond your local area then you need a car rack. Usually capable of transporting between one and four bikes, car racks can be attached to your car in a range of different options - there is a bike rack to suit every vehicle and every bike, as well as every budget.

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  6. Best Cycling Tips For Safe & Fun Riding

    Best Cycling Tips For Safe & Fun Riding

    What do you think that riding your bike, tying your shoelaces and playing the guitar have in common? Once you’ve learnt how to do any of these activities, you’ll never forget them. They become stored within what’s known as procedural memory.

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  7. How to be safe while riding your bike

    How to be safe while riding your bike

    An undeniable positive side effect of the coronavirus crisis is that many people are taking the opportunity to try out new activities. There’s been an increase in the number of cyclists on the road. Bike riding complies with social distancing measures and is a fantastic sport that helps people improve their physical and mental wellbeing.

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  8. Bike Tech You Didn’t Know You Needed

    Bike Tech You Didn’t Know You Needed

    What are the main factors that can help you become a stronger cyclist? Choosing the right bike for you is certainly one of them, as well as how much time and effort you are willing to dedicate to riding.

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  9. Great Mother’s Day Gifts In 2020

    Great Mother’s Day Gifts In 2020

    Mother’s day in 2020 will definitely be different. Social distancing will change the way Australians usually celebrate, and may influence what they choose as the perfect gift for mum on her special day.

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  10. Preparing to ride in winter

    Preparing to ride in winter

    Winter can be a great time of the year to ride your bike, plus there are health benefits from riding in cold weather. You can burn more calories, train to breath more efficiently and feel in a better mood despite darker and shorter winter days.

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