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Choosing the right product can be hard, there's so much to choose from, features to weigh up and jargon to navigate. To help choose the right product for you, we've put together these buying guides to help make your decision easier.

  1. 10 Reasons Why Santa Shops at 99 Bikes (& you should too!)

    10 Reasons Why Santa Shops at 99 Bikes (& you should too!)

    With the Silly Season approaching, Santa's workload is getting big. He's making a list. He's checking it twice. After all, he's got to find out who's naughty and nice. That's why a bit of help goes a long way, and when it comes to bikes as a Christmas gift, Santa and his elves always turn to 99 Bikes. They love the friendly, approachable service, flexible payment options, and the wide range of in-stock styles for the whole family. Plus, the bikes come fully built and delivered, so that's one less thing for the elves and one less chimney for Santa!.

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  2. 10 Reasons Why An E-Bike Is Great for Summer

    10 Reasons Why An E-Bike Is Great for Summer

    An e-bike is the must-have summer sporting equipment. Spend the long, sunny days exploring with friends and family, creating memories for a lifetime. You'll be able to stay fit and active without worrying about the sweat factor, taking advantage of the perfect weather. Plus, it’s also a great way to de-stress after a long year and is an excellent activity for the whole family, regardless of skill, age, or fitness. If you're lucky, Santa might even leave one under the Christmas tree if you’re on his Nice List! These are the 10 Best Reasons Why An E-Bike Is Great for Summer.

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  3. How to choose an electric bike

    How to choose an electric bike

    Electric bikes are all the rage with the modern bike rider, whether you’re zipping into the city on your commute or crushing trails with some extra assistance, everybody is jumping on an e-bike. It’s the fastest growing bike category in Australia as they tick a lot of boxes for every rider across the country. They allow you to ride further with less effort, which means that you don’t have to get in the car which is good for the environment, and aside from being practical they are also fun!

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  4. How To Buy A Bike During Lockdown

    How To Buy A Bike During Lockdown

    If you’re stuck in lockdown and looking to buy a new bike but not sure how to go about it, this article is for you! Getting some daily exercise is important for both your physical and mental health. It’s a great way to break up the day and keep some semblance of a routine. There are a few ways that you are able to get a new bike from our stores during lockdown. This easy step-by-step guide will walk you through the process of choosing your bike, checking stock, ordering online and how you can collect your bike depending on your state’s lockdown restrictions. Before visiting any of our stores during lockdown or where restrictions are in place, please check our help centre for up to date information for your store

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    Road bikes under $1500 make capable commuters or an easy transition from a flat-bar road bike, while remaining more than capable of hanging with a bunch ride. As technology gets better and trickles down through the models, the bikes in this price range have improved over the years. Starting with the basics, you can expect an alloy frame which combines strength and durability for a capable ride, which is used on a lot of higher end bikes as well.

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  6. Yakima Car Racks Everything You Need To Know

    Yakima Car Racks Everything You Need To Know

    Forget trying to squeeze your bike inside the car, if you want to explore riding destinations beyond your local area then you need a car rack. Usually capable of transporting between one and four bikes, car racks can be attached to your car in a range of different options - there is a bike rack to suit every vehicle and every bike, as well as every budget.

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  7. Electric Bike Batteries & Motors - Everything You Need To Know

    Electric Bike Batteries & Motors - Everything You Need To Know

    Not all e-bike batteries are made the same and it is important to realise what you want from your electric bike so that you get the e-bike with the battery power you need. You need a battery that has enough power to handle your riding needs so that you never get stuck with a flat e-bike. Batteries tend to be one of the most expensive parts on an electric bike, so it makes sense that as the price gets higher, the battery gets bigger.

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  8. Electric Commuter Bike Buying Guide

    Electric Commuter Bike Buying Guide

    Electric bikes or e-bikes aren’t the future anymore, they’re here right now and they’re perfect for commuting. Commuter bikes are also referred to as hybrid bikes and they have a mix of mountain bike suspension for comfort combined with a few streamlined features from road bikes for added speed.

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  9. A Guide To Buying Kids Bikes This Christmas

    A Guide To Buying Kids Bikes This Christmas

    The Go-To Low-Down On Buying The Right Kids Bike

    When you’re buying a kids bike you really want to choose one that will go the distance with your young rider. You’re also looking for safety and value. In short, getting a great kids bike is all about bang for your buck! Most parents are tempted to choose a kids bike in a popular colour or with the latest trendy cartoon character. This might make the youngsters jump for joy, but a character bike is not always a safe bike. There’s not much point paying extra for the right character then having the wheels fall off. What’s more, trends come and go. So what if you could tick all the boxes and choose a kids bike that they won’t outgrow in a year? One that with the proper selection and aftercare service can keep your kids on the road for a couple of years? Behold the ultimate guide to buying a kids bike!

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  10. Neo Kids Bikes overview

    Neo bikes are a lightweight kids bike range, designed in Australia by Apollo Bikes. The range is designed for kids aged from 2-10 and over, with models to suit the beginner through to the more advanced rider

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