1. Tubeless Tyres and Parts Buying Guide

    Tubeless Tyres and Parts Buying Guide

    Tubeless tyres don't contain an inner tube like regular tyres. Many cyclists (particularly those racing) prefer to run tubeless tyres as it saves weight, allows you to run lower pressures (which ride faster) and is more resistant to punctures, thanks to liquid sealant inside.

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  2. Wheel & Components Buying Guide

    Wheel & Components Buying Guide

    Wheels can have a huge impact on the speed, weight and overall handling of your bike. The right wheel-set for you will depend mainly on the type of riding that you’ll be doing. The goal is to find the balance between weight, durability, and your budget.

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  3. Bike Tyres Buying Guide

    Bike Tyres Buying Guide

    Your tyres play a pivotal role in the overall performance of your bike, and as such you should do your homework before deciding which tyres are right for you. Here’s a run-down on what you need to know when purchasing new rubber for your bike:

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  4. Bike Tubes Buying Guide

    Bike Tubes Buying Guide

    Spare inner tubes are a must have for any cyclist as these lightweight, inexpensive items can really save the day should you experience a puncture whilst out riding. It is very important that you select the right size tubes for your rims paying close attention to both diameter and width.

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  5. Bike Stems Buying Guide

    Bike Stems Buying Guide

    The right size bike stem will greatly improve your riding efficiency and comfort. They are available in varying lengths to accommodate riders of different heights. Short stems provide a more upright riding position. While a longer stem will produce a more ‘stretched out’ position.

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  6. Bike Seats & Saddles Buying Guide

    Bike Seats & Saddles Buying Guide

    Saddles are often overlooked when it comes to riders accessorising their bikes, however a well fitting saddle will not only minimise pain and discomfort, it can increase your performance as well. A flat saddle is ideal for speed on the road, while wide, more padded saddle is ideal for mountain bikes.

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  7. Pedals Buying Guide

    Pedals Buying Guide

    The type of pedals you’ll require predominantly depends on what type of riding you’ll be doing. Road, Mountain and BMX riding will all call for different styles of pedals to get the most out of your bike. Here’s an overview of the different types of pedals commonly used on road, mountain and bmx bikes:

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  8. Bike Grips Buying Guide

    Bike Grips Buying Guide

    The grips on your Mountain or BMX bike play an important role in reducing the impact felt when going over uneven terrain. Poor fitting, or heavily worn grips can lead to discomfort and long term pain if not replaced so if your grips have seen better days, here’s what you’ll need to know: Mountain bike & BMX grips come in 3 common types;

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  9. Cleats Buying Guide

    Cleats Buying Guide

    Cleats are the parts that connect your cycling shoes to your clip-less pedals. Cleats can improve pedaling efficiency by at least 10% and keep your skeletal structure more in line with your feet, so your knees and hips can catch a break.

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