1. Yakima Car Racks Everything You Need To Know

    Yakima Car Racks Everything You Need To Know

    Forget trying to squeeze your bike inside the car, if you want to explore riding destinations beyond your local area then you need a car rack. Usually capable of transporting between one and four bikes, car racks can be attached to your car in a range of different options - there is a bike rack to suit every vehicle and every bike, as well as every budget.

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  2. Phone Accessories Buying Guide

    Phone Accessories Buying Guide

    It is always a good idea to carry your mobile phone with you whilst out riding and a secure phone mount is a great method of ensuring that you don’t lose or damage it along the way. Bike phone mounts also provide the added benefit of access to GPS for navigation plus fitness apps like Strava or MapMyRide to record your activity.

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  3. Water Bottles & Cages Buying Guide

    Water Bottles & Cages Buying Guide

    It is always a good idea to carry water with you on any ride to keep your hydration levels up and ultimately perform at your best. When it comes to choosing what type of water bottle & cage set up you require you should consider how long you’ll be riding for and also how much extra weight you’re willing to carry.

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  4. Training Wheels Buying Guide

    Training Wheels Buying Guide

    Training wheels are a great way for your child to master the skills of pedalling, steering and braking without needing to focus on keeping the bike balanced and upright. Training wheels generally attach to the bolts that hold the rear wheel in place and a simple shifting spanner will most likely be the only tool required.

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  5. Tools and Maintenance Buying Guide

    Tools and Maintenance Buying Guide

    All cyclists should own a set of basic bike tools to keep their ride in a safe and optimal condition. The types of bicycle tools you may want can be broken down into two broad categories: essentials you'll need while you're out riding and extras to have at home to keep your bike running smoothly.

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  6. Surfboard Racks Buying Guide

    Surfboard Racks Buying Guide

    There’s nothing better than riding down to the beach to check out the swell, and with a bike surfboard rack you’ll be able to take your board with you just in case there’s perfect 4 foot left-handers rolling in. There are a few things to consider when buying a surfboard rack, to ensure that it will fit your board and won't damage your bike.

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  7. Pumps Buying Guide

    Pumps Buying Guide

    A good quality bike pump is an essential accessory for every rider to ensure that your tyres are inflated to the correct pressure at all times. Bike tyres that are either under or over inflated can lead to punctures, poor handling and generally an uncomfortable ride. The right bike pump for your needs will depend on whether you plan on carrying it with you when you ride or leaving it at home in the garage. Generally most cyclists will own both a larger floor pump at home and a smaller mini pump that can be mounted onto their frame or easily carried in a backpack. Co2 canisters are also a popular option amongst cycling enthusiasts as they weigh very little are able to inflate a tyre in seconds.

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  8. Pannier Racks Buying Guide

    Pannier Racks Buying Guide

    Pannier racks are a great way of creating extra storage on your bike which can be used to carry everything from your weekly shopping right through to camping supplies on longer touring rides. Pannier racks come in a number of different types and selecting the right rack for your needs will depend on 3 main factors.

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  9. Mudguards Buying Guide

    Mudguards Buying Guide

    Bike mudguards are a worthy investment for anyone who will be riding through water and mud from time to time. There’s nothing worse than arriving at your destination soaking wet from the water being flicked up by your tyres or sporting an unflattering brown stain up your entire back from your rear wheel spray.

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  10. Locks Buying Guide

    Locks Buying Guide

    If you’re going to be leaving your bike unattended in public for any period of time then it is definitely advisable to invest in a good quality bike lock. It may be tempting to buy the cheapest lock on the market but the sad truth is that bikes are a prime target for theft and the most determined thieves will make quick work of removing an inferior lock. There are 2 main types of bike locks, each with their own pros and cons:

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