A cacophony of terrains, climates, and cultures. From salt water sliding over your toes, to the harsh sandstone mountains crumbling beneath your tyres, Australia is a wilderness of pleasures, pictures and extremes waiting to be discovered. It'€™s no wonder cycle enthusiasts flock to Australia.

If you'€™re planning a trip to the land down under, here'€™s five of the most diverse cycling tracks.

The Rainforest Adventure Tour, Byron Bay

For a little something of the beaten track, The Rainforest Adventure Tour will satisfy even the most experienced of cyclists. Join the guides and other travellers on a two-wheel adventure through fire trails, single tracks, heart beat out of your chest downhills and log jumps. All the while experiencing subtropical rainforests, nature reserves, untouched forests and golden beaches.

Thredbo Mountain Biking Trails, Thredbo

Thredbo isn'€™t just for snow addicts. Once the summer months hit, Thredbo'€™s long ski runs are transformed into a downhill mountain biking haven. New to Thredbo this year is the Kosciuszko Flow Track, a path for intermediate riders, which is filled with rollovers and smooth berms. It'€™s a great alternative to the big trails that offers the same adrenalin rush without all of the technical features. The Kosciuszko gives riders a chance to take in the stunning scenery.

Mawson Trail, The Australian Outback

This trail takes you through one of the most spectacular landscapes in the world, the Australian Outback. Starting at the north of Adelaide, you will travel to the outback town of Blinman in the Flinders Ranges, an ideal option for mountain bikers wanting to travel through regional and remote areas. Close to 900kms long, it'€™s a gruelling ride that will test your skills on rugged terrain and challenge your mind and body with extreme heats. It will be a challenge but it also absolutely rewarding as you'€™ll get to experience abundant wildlife, unique flora and stunning vistas.

Narrow Neck, Blue Mountains

Complete isolation through unspoilt wilderness is what you will expect to find on this trail through the Blue Mountains. It has been described by some as cycling through the clouds. Suitable for both the novice and experienced cyclists, you'€™ll want to take your time on this one as there are photo opportunities at every turn. From the start, you'€™ll cycle through open forest and swamplands with major lookouts and terrifying cliff peaks. The adrenalin rush will be worth it in the end as the trail opens up to heathland with amazing views of Lake Burragorang.

The Goldfields Track, Ballarat

The name suggests what you are in for, a 210km off-road trail that runs between the historic gold towns of Ballarat and Bendigo. It'€™s a chance to get back to nature and delve into the rich history of Victoria as the trail weaves its way through old mining sites, silent forests, waterways and the Great Dividing Range. The track is broken into three sections, The Wallaby Track (90km), Dry Digging Track (61km) And Leanganook Track (58km) which is perfect for novices who are after a challenge. If you are a beginner to riding, talk to a local cycle specialist at 99 Bikes before you go. You need to make sure you have all the right equipment when taking on a long bike trail.